Top 5 Most Dangerous Animals In The World

If your wondering what are the most
dangerous beasts in the world your
probably thinking sharks and spiders.
Well yes and no! After some

“Man Cave” research we found some
surprising results with # 1 being the
most vicious…

5. Black Mamba
(when your in Africa)
4. Saltwater Crocodile
(when your in Indo-Pacific)
3. Tsetse Fly
(when your in Sudan)
2. Mosquito
(when your in the West Nile)
1. Humans
(when your in your House)

Gin In The Bin
Let’s take a moment and talk about
gin, an extremely rapid growing spirit
that doesn’t belong in the bin. So
many choices in so many glasses,
where always getting drunk while sitting
on our asses. But in every category
of drinks in life there’s always that one,
you dedicate with your life.

Let’s take a moment and refresh your
memory about all the love that goes
into Brockman’s Gin.
It stands proudly alone from all the other
types of gin due to the unique recipe
of exquisite botanicals. Notes of citrus,
and aromatic berries (everybody loves
berries) blended to perfection.

Brock man’s is slowly distilled in a 100 year
old traditional copper still, where they
capture the heart of the gin distillation.
Found in over 30 countries around the
world, this beautiful spirit is and should
be proudly displayed on every bar. It’s
mixed with simplest of ease, if you’d
like some more…just say please!
(Please Brockman’s Responsibly)

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is currently one of
the highest paid models in the world,
actually Jenner takes the top World’s
Highest-Paid Model on the Forbes
top-earning models list. Born November 3rd 1995
in Los Angeles, California
her original appearance on national
television was on the Kardashian show.

The list of her work as a fashion and
runway model is endless and for good
reason. Yes gentleman, she’s beautiful
and that’s what the job entails (duh).

She appeared People magazine for top
50 most beautiful people (she came in
just under me). As of 2017 she is one
the top 15 most followed celebrities on
social media. I’m sure it’s not easy to
keep such fortune, fame and balance in
life and I’m sure in this kind of industry
there are many struggles for women.
But what do we love most about Kendall,