Not Just A Cutter
“Now that’s not a cigar cutter, this is a cigar cutter”.
GV has made this kickass, most ridiculously cool
cigar cutter.
The “GV” is a 5 in 1 golf gadget designed to give
resourceful golfers the only item they’ll need on the
It really makes a unique groomsmen gift for
weddings as well as an eye catching promotional
product for corporate or charity golf tournaments.
It is available in a couple different materials and
several colors.
This listing is for the sporty, super lightweight
polycarbonate/ABS blend.
The 5 functions include:
1. Retractable Divot Repair Tool
2. Guillotine Style Cigar Cutter
3. Magnetic Ball Marker
4. Cigar Rest
5. Club Prop

Smoke Up Johnny
Our hats off and much respect to Famous Smoke
Shop who has been supporting our troops overseas.
Operation Cigars for Warriors is a charitable
organization dedicated to providing soldiers on
active military duty with cigar donations so our hard
working men and women fighting to protect our
freedom can have a brief moment of relaxation and
comfort during the stresses of combat. Donating approximately
50,000 cigars annually to this wonderful
organization to assist their efforts. I’m a firm believer
that if everyone just took a little time to support our
troops, maybe just maybe we can help one soldier
at a time to ease their pain about things we just may
not understand. Not just overseas but here in the
states as well. So take the time and just do it
whether it’s a cigar or just simple recognition!

It’s Given
That God does not read Facebook!

Soccer Not Sucker
The best Soccer player in my
opinion in the world is by far Pele!
His real name Edson Arantes do
Nascimento, born in October 1940
paved the path and is an icon in
the sport. The most successful
league goal-scorer in the world,
scoring 1281 goals in 1363 games,
which included unofficial tour
games. During his playing days,
Pelé was for a period the best-paid
athlete in the world. Pelé began
playing for Santos at age 15 and
the Brazilian national football
league at 16. During his international
career, he won three FIFA
World Cups: 1958, 1962 and 1970,
being the only player ever to do
so. An inspiration to sport, his
country Brazil and to the rest of
the world to be successful at anything
you set your mind to.
(Please Soccer Responsibly)

Leah Pritchett
Time to light it up and smoke it out
with some balls to wall! Leah is an
American drag racer, born in 1988
and currently driving an NHRA Top
Fuel dragster for Don Schumacher
Racing Team (who does the best
interviews). Now in my opinion and
I’m not sure about anyone else
but there’s nothing more exciting
than seeing a beautiful women
tear down the track at over 300
miles an hour with nothing but
the competition in the rear view
mirror! If you can even begin to
comprehend the G Force that
these drivers endure reaching that
speed in under 4 seconds. I give
this young lady all the credit in
the world to put herself out there
in a male dominant sport kicking
major ass and taking the risks she
does. Which by the way is never
spoken out loud in public, (I know
I am now) but that’s the rule of
thumb for all adrenaline junkies.
Don’t talk shit and there’s no room
to even think of risk in any sport.
Once it creeps in your fucked!
(Wait did I mention she’s beautiful?)
So big shouts for Pritchett and
her entire team. Keep laying down
that thunder and check her out on
the next day at the races!
(Please Drag Responsibly)

By Otto D