Sit or Get Off the Pot

It’s A Given
That a month before every high
school reunion you try to lose
weight and make something of
your life!

Colter Wall
Born June 27th 1995 from Swift Current Saskatchewan, Colter Wall is a
new comer to the music industry. The genres of music is a blend of blues
and folk with a country background.
He started playing guitar at the age of 13 of inspiring artists such as Black
Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and of course the legend Mr. Cash himself.
His first hit “The Devil Wears a Suit and Tie” was released as his first single.
Songs from his albums were featured in the television show Dog Bounty
Hunter and the film Hell Or High Water. The track used in the film, “Sleeping
On The Blacktop”, gained more than a million streams on social media.
I’m digging his style and I personally am not a country music fan
Waitomo Glowworms Cave
Since we’re already in the man cave lets bugout and take it to
another level entering the worlds only worm cave! The glowworms
“arachna luminosa” is only found in New Zealand and they thrive
only in this cave. They are just the size of a normal mosquito. And
millions of them are found inside this particular cave. They are monitored
closely by a scientific advisory group which uses automated
equipment to monitor the cave remotely, including the temperature,
the amount of carbon dioxide which is needed to maintain the
glowworms and the number of visitors that can enter each day. The
name “Waitomo” comes from the Maori words wai, water and tomo,
hole or shaft. And it’s safe to say that the only thing that can live
in this cave are bugs! Sound freaky, well it is but yet very cool and
definitely should be a bucket list destination.
(Please Worm Responsibly)
Sit or Get
Off the Pot

Kim Domingo
Let’s discuss some Filipino
hotness (or “mainit” in the
language) and start steaming
things up around here. This
22 year old FHM uprising
bombshell born in Quezon
City is an actress, TV host,
and singer as well. She is best
known for her roles in Juan
Happy Love Story as Agatha
Samaniego and on the television
show Bubble Gang (no
it’s not porn)…
She released her debut song
and music video titled “Know
Me” featuring international
rapper C-Tru, released under
GMA Records. So keep both
eyes out for this sexy young
lady and remember it’s always
hotter in the Philippines!
The Fresh
My personal top 5 favorite
movies starring Will Smith!
(1 being the best)
1. Ali
2. The Pursuit Of
3. I am Legend
4. Enemy Of The State
5. Bad Boys
Sake To Me
Sake known as Japanese rice
wine, is made by fermenting
rice that has been polished to
remove the bran. Unlike wine,
in which alcohol (ethanol) is
produced by fermenting sugar
that is naturally present in
fruit, typically grapes, sake is
produced by a brewing process
more akin to that of beer,
where starch is converted into
sugars which ferment into
Sake has been produced for
so long it predates Japanese
recorded history. Traditionally
served gently warmed (my
favorite) or unfiltered which
has a different color and consistency.
And of course most obviously
served with sushi (getting
hungry here). One of my personal
favorite brands is TYKU
who offers a variety of flavors
as well. So give it a shot!
(Please TYKU Responsibly)

By Otto D