It’s A Given
That you could be sitting somewhere for
hours were nobody talks to you until you start
choking on something, then everybody wants to
have a conversation! (“You need anything?” “you
ok?”… Fuck Off!

Chris Farley

Born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin Farley was by far one of my favorite
comedians of all time. His career started in 1987 staring in many rolls but his real
impact on the industry wasn’t until he stared on Saturday Night Live. Playing the
role of “Matt Foley” who was a motivational speaker and gave a speech called
“Go For It’ was in my opinion his best skit on the program. Moving onto the big
screen Farley was always playing the craziest roles in movies such as Tommy
Boy, Black Sheep, and of course who could forget Billy Madison with his banana
peel and his school bus. In real life Chris and actor/friend Adam Sandler where
known to make late night prank phone calls from Rockefeller Studios. Farley’s
shenanigans got him suspended from Saturday Night on many occasions. There
is no comedian that could pull off the mannerisms and real life intensity like he
could. So take some time and flashback revisiting some legendary moments of
this comedians life and laugh your ass off!

(Please “Live In A Van Down By the River” Responsibly)

Large Or Small, Clean-Em All

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