My Thoughts

Cheer Up!
Who is rated the most famous cheerleader
of all time you ask? Stacy Ann-Marie Keibler
that’s who. Before Stacy was famous for being
a WWE wrestler and before being on Dancing
With The Stars, she is recognized as being the
most famous cheerleader (Baltimore Ravens)
of all time. Now 37 born in Rosedale Maryland,
she joined the squad in 1997 at the age of 18
and from that point on has been on the road
of stardom. The list is endless gentleman,
Maxim Mag, FHM, movies and also TV shows.
I believe for many women, cheerleading lays
down (take it easy) the ground work for future
opportunities and inspires other women to
achieve their goals. So the next time your
watching the game, don’t forget to check out
the cheerleaders with pom pom’s!!

Where does the name and term pigskin for a
football come from?
Well the first football was made of natural
materials, such as an inflated pig bladder, later
put inside a leather cover, which has given rise
to the American slang-term “pigskin”. Modern
balls are designed by teams of engineers to
exacting specifications, with rubber or plastic
bladders, and often with plastic covers. Various
leagues and games use different balls,
though they all have one of the following basic
shape such a sphere. It also has to have specific
weight and dimension. The oldest football
can be traced back 1550 and was recovered
(no pun intended) in 1981 in Scotland and now
is displayed Smith Art Gallery in Sterling. Since
1941, Wilson has been the exclusive supplier
of leather for National Football League footballs.
The tanned leather is secret to help grip
that sucker along with white stripes to help
visual at night time. So grab your balls and
game on!

Ding Dong I’m Home
They say love is in the eye of the beholder. So
hold this, my new love the Gerber Ding Dong!
This breaching tool is all a Man Cave man
could wish for. A sledgehammer, a battering
ram, a pry bar and also an excellent shut the
hell up tool. All of which are essential tools
for operators who need to get certain jobs
done quickly. The huge hammer head is crosshatched
that will grip onto anything it strikes.
The fiberglass handle comes equipped with
two molded rings spaced to create mechanical
stops also ensuring a solid grip. That becomes
pretty handy when you lock your keys in the
car (especially if it’s a Lambroghini)! So the
next time you get the urge to smash, tear and
pry just grab your Ding Dong and get busy!
(Please use your Ding Dong Responsibly)

It’s Given
That laying down toilet paper
around a public toilet seat, still
doesn’t mean it’s disinfected, it’s
just still infected!

The Night Before
The night before Halloween, in
my opinion has traditionally been
the best part of the holiday. This
nigh has been called many names
such as “Mischief Night”, “Devils
Night”, “Goose Night”, “Your
Moms Going To Kick your Ass
Night”, but for me it was always
“Cabbage Night”. This magical
night originated in the United
Kingdom in 1790 when a headmaster
encouraged a school play
which ended in “an Ode to Fun
which praises children’s tricks on
Mischief Night in most approving
terms”. In some countries
it doesn’t just fall on the night
before, but it definitely does in the
USA. We used break loose with
eggs and fill socks with flower
and go crazy hitting anything and
anyone in site. Go on and toilet
paper the world! It’s all in good
fun, so please always remember to
keep it that way and always wear
a helmet (some people should
always be wearing one).
(Please Evil Responsibly)

Hey Guy
The man, the legend but he’s
no myth! He’s the real deal. No
matter how many times I go see
him with the crew it’s always like
the first. Buddy Guy has and will
always be one of the all time
legends of the music industry.
Birth name George Guy, born in
Louisiana 1936 has jammed with
just about everyone that’s anyone
who has hit the stage. For almost
50 years, Guy has performed live
concerts of energetic blues and
blues rock. As a musician, he had
a fundamental impact on the blues
and on rock and roll, influencing
the new generation of artists.
His guitar playing is loud and
aggressive, using pioneering distortion
and feedback techniques,
employs long solos, has shifts in
volume and texture, and is driven
by emotion and impulse. Personally
Buddy has been my influence
of what music should really be,
and how he makes you feel alive!
(Please Guy Responsibly)

By Otto D