It’s A Given
That it’s scary when you see a spider in your house, but it’s even scarier when it disappears!

You Too Kangoo!
Since around 2011 Kangoo Jumps has been a world wide craze for rebound exercise for all kinds of fitness and Cardio nuts. Just jump into these Kangoo shoes/boots or maybe shaboots and bounce your way into a healthy lifestyle. NASA claimed it is the best workout for your LINFATIC system. Your burning up to 1200 calories an hour and your Kangoos absorb 80% of the impact your body will endure.  Now I’ve been studying this sport on YouTube and well gentleman, lets just say you should spend some time studying this sport as well. It’s definitely a women dominated sport and I personally am feeling healthier after watching women bounce up and down for 10 min! I think it’s an all “round” healthy experience and seems like a lot of fun in groups. So get off your ass and jump around, jump up, jump up and get down!
(My friend Lynn turned me onto this but she didn’t want me to mention her name so we won’t Lynn, Lynn, Lynn!)
(Please Kangoo With Cloths On)

Don’t Dilly With Dali
Salvador Dali being one of my favorite artists is well known for his work having clocks appear in them. Some say they see a clock in every painting. Dali born in 1904 was a prominent Spanish surrealist artist of Catalan ethnicity born in Catalonia, Spain.
Dalí was highly imaginative, and also enjoyed indulging in unusual and grandiose behavior. His eccentric manner and attention-grabbing public actions sometimes drew more attention than his artwork, (party animal) to the dismay of those who held his work in high esteem, and to the irritation of his critics. One of his quotes “ I don’t need drugs, I am drugs”.
So for under $30.00 from a company called Gimmick Works you can purchase this clock for your artsy friends that has a distinct look from many of his original paintings. So don’t dilly with the Dali, time is of the essence. Get this gift!

Why Rye?
When the word whiskey is spoken in a crowd the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is Jack Daniels. How could it not, the company has been the pioneer of the best spirits ever made in the world since 1864 (I remember those days). Aside from many of their products this Lynchburg Tennessee company has taken themselves to a completely higher level with their Jack Daniels Rye! Daniels has been known for their slow charcoal process which is used in their rye distilling as well. 70% rye grain bill and the freshest spring water used from Cave Spring Hollow by Master Distiller Jeff Arnett and the whiskey makers of Jack Daniel Distillery. My favorite way to enjoy is to sip slow using maybe one cube of ice and resting this beautiful rye on the center of my pallet enjoying the spicy love notes. So why rye you ask, Jack Daniels is why!

MMA All The Way
Rachael Ostovich, Hawaiian born on February 21, 1991 is an American mixed martial arts who competes in the Flyweight division of Invicta. Invicta Fighting Championships, also known as Invicta FC, is an American professional (MMA) promotion for female fighters based in the United States. Ostovich began her amateur MMA career in 2010. Over the next three years she kicked ass and became an undefeated amateur with MMA, record of 6-0. Height 5 ft 3 inches and a weight of 125 pounds and from the team “Jesus Is Lord”. Judo being the background style of her base mind concept of overtaking her competition (I want to be overtaken)! The intensity and heart someone has to have to get in the ring of any sport is something to be admired since the days of the Gladiators. So all hail to Rachael who holds a special place in our hearts and upholds a great name in MMA.
(Please Get Your Ass Kicked Responsibly)

Foosball For Goofball
Once again with holidays around the corner we find ourselves going crazy for that perfect Xmas gift. Thanks to Chicago Gaming with their Signature Foosball Coffee Table is what I want for Xmas (not really it’s Rachael I want but…). For around 600.00 bucks you can purchase this elegant hand-carved solid wood Foosball table that can be doubled as a coffee table as well. Now I know your asking yourself, “well what if I don’t drink coffee and only drink beer”??? That’s ok because beer works just as well. Furniture grade veneer with full figured action Foosball dudes! Telescopic rods (yeah, yeah I know) octagonal handles and all the balls you need to get your game on. I think this is an excellent gift for the whole family, and safe as well.
(Please Foos Your Balls Responsibly)

By Otto D