It’s A Given
That all scotches are whiskey, but not all whiskies are Scotch!

Can’t Touch This
Maybe You Touched Your
Genitals hand sanitizer is a
revolutionary cleansing product.
One can never be too
careful about who they make
contact with. Distributed by
Blue Q and sold from Amazon
to Wallmart for just under
$6.00 is a must have. Let’s
be honest ladies and germs,
how many times do you see
people not wash their hands
after toilet use. I personally
feel that everyone should be
carrying this sanitizer around
everywhere. In fact maybe
we should use this product
even before we touch our
own genitals. What do you
think about that!
(Please Genital Responsibly)

Kartchner Caverns
Located in Arizona State Park, this show cave with 2.4 miles of passages
was discovered by local cavers in 1974. Long hidden from view, the caves
are carved out from limestone and filled with peleothems, which has been
growing for more than 50,000 years. Tours of the caves open to the public
include the Throne Room. It also includes the Big Room, which consists of
the most extensive formation of brushite moonmilk (not moo milk) in the
world, because it is a nursery roost for more than 1,000 cave bats which
probably means shit everywhere. Other caverns that can be accessed by
the public include the Cul-de-sac Passage, Mud Flats, Strawberry Room,
and the Rotunda Room.

Sit On It
Stand on your feet and lose your
seat, well not anymore. Night
Glow Seats can glow for up to
8 hours plus depending on how
long the Nightglow seat was exposed
to a light source and what
type of light source. The brighter
and longer that the seat is exposed
to light, the longer it will glow. In
tests the NightGlow seat performs
better in bathrooms with a natural
light source, such as a window vs
a bathroom with no natural light
source. They glow green or blue
without emitting any radiation so
your “genitals” and future children
are safe. I’m sure having several
of these in the household will definitely
eliminate all types of arguments
unless you live alone. Well
then you just argue with yourself!
(Please Seat Responsibly)

Time For A Fan
Sold by TaiLi this USB plug and
play fan/led clock is definitely a
conversation piece. Keeps you
cool and on time. Operated with
on off switch, soft flexible metal
gooseneck to position in any
direction. Works on any USB outlet
you could find, desktop laptops,
computer, power bank, power
strip. Led light display time, the
brightness of time is exactly right.
It’s nice way of keeping an eye on
time, because time does fly!

Hammered In Time
If this isn’t a topic for recycling
I’m not sure what is. This a very
cool concept for your man cave
or any hot spot. These keg urinals
are some of the coolest bathroom
accessories I’ve ever seen. Made
to order and totally custom this
company really went the distance.
No need for any fancy lighting
access, just listen for the tone and
shoot away gents. I’m guessing
if your going to have memories
of anything about your experience
in the men’s room this would be it.
Sorry ladies, this experience excludes

By Otto D