It’s Good To Be The King

It’s A Given
That you never wear a T-Shirt of the
band when you go to their own concert!

Booty For A Cutie
So I wasn’t hanging out in one of the more popular gentleman’s club that many
people frequent, when a conversation came to light about asses! Brazilian
asses to be exact. Apparently over the last couple of years Buttocks Augmentation
has become an extremely large (ahem) part of the plastic surgery industry.
That’s rite ladies and germs, “The Brazilian Butt Lift” has taken asses by storm.
For a reasonable price of 4 to 5 thousand dollars you too can have your ass
lifted to pillow perfection!
Now I’m really not sure how the procedure is done but I do know they may start
at the crack, and for some people they might want to get that crack fixed ass
well. So for more info look up key word “buttock augmentation” and keep an
eye out for that perfect crack.
(Please Ass Responsibly)

King Kong
The beasts of all beasts and the monster of all time King Kong.
Originated in 1932 and the first film released in 1933 by creator
Merian C. Cooper who was obsessed by gorillas and apes
since childhood. To date there have been 8 Kong films in total
with one more on the horizon in 2020. The King has appeared
with many stars in all of his movies including Godzilla, who is a
few years younger. Kong’s epic scene definitely was when he
was on top of the Empire State Building swatting at plains as if
they where flies. Fay Wray was Kong’s first girlfriend and love
although I’m sure nothing sexual happened (and I’m sure she
didn’t have any butt implants) but you never know what happens
behind the scene’s.
(Please King Your Kong Responsibly)

It’s Good To
Be The King!

King Arthur
The king of all kings historically is and has
always been “King Arthur”. Unlike King
Kong, Arthur was a bit less harrier, at least
in certain spots I’m sure. There have been
approximately 35 movies in relations to
this story over many years but one of my
favorites is the most recent “Legend Of
The Sword” with Charlie Hunnam and
Jude Law as the lead roles. The story goes
that he was a legendary British leader
who, according to medieval histories, led
the defense of Britain against Saxon invaders
in the late 5th and early 6th centuries
AD. Sorcery and black magic played
a big role on who was noble enough to
draw a sword EXCALIBER from a stone
implanted by an old king and some magic
from Merlin the sorcerer himself. Director
Guy Ritchie put together pieces of many
movies for this experience, a little bit of
Gladiator, Game Of Thrones, 300 and
even a slight glimpse of comedy from
Snatch. I personally enjoyed this one and
would consider buying it on blue-ray.

King Cave
Mineral King is a subalpine glacial valley
located in the southern part of Sequoia
National Park in the U.S. state of California.
Historically, the valley was inhabited
by the Yokut tribe. In the 1870s, silver was
discovered on the slopes of a mountain
overlooking the cave site. Mineral King
Road was built in 1873 and was gradually
improved throughout the early 20th century.
The name Mineral King also refers
to the historic mining camps and towns
in and near the valley, including Silver
City and Cabin Cove. The settlements
as a whole are referred to as the Mineral
King Road Cultural Landscape, and was
added to the National Historic Places in
2003. Fed by snowmelt, springs and
abundant lakes in granite bowls at the upstream-
most section of the valley, creeks
plunge down the steep valley walls as
long and twisting waterfalls creating rich
and rare minerals. A definite bucket list
of caves to visit….and be your king of the

Gabrielle Union
Union born October 29th 1972 is an American
actress who started her career on TV
sitcoms and moved very quickly to the
big screen. Movies such as “10 Things I
hate about you”, “She’s All That” and “Bad
Boys 2”.
Gabrielle born in Omaha, Nebraska and
attended UCLA has been entertaining us
for years. She is beautiful as she is witty in
all the roles she plays, and definitely lights
up any room she walks into (it would be
good to be king here)! Keep an both eyes
open, her career has still just begun!

By Otto D