It’s A Given
That people have always been assholes,
it’s just that social media now
gives them the opportunity to be even
bigger ones!!

Street Or Snow?
Calling all mad dogs, drive fast and take chances!
Harley Davidson and Suicide Machine got
together and came up with one of the most hard
core machines I’ve ever seen (and I’m no virgin).
These two companies put their men to the
test and cross bred a Street Rod with a track kit
and created a beautiful snow bike for the 2018
X-Games. The bike started off as a XG750 SR and
the engineers after some serious research found
a track kit which are only made for dirt bikes that
would convert. The fabricators had to basically
redesign almost all the drive train from the rear to
the primary, including a lot of the front end… And
you thought putting a fat tire kit on your bike was
cool. This by far is on the top of my bucket list of
machines to ride. We bow our heads to all that
took part of kicking ass on this one!

Green Like Money
St. Patrick’s Day is one of the busiest $$$ bar days
of the year, and the only time you’ll see people
enjoying green drinks. Mainly beer and yes I particularly
think it’s disgusting. But where and when did
these shenanigans start? History states that it started
actually as an American fad in and around1915 in
Boston. I mean think about it, you can’t turn Gunnies
green. Some of the earliest stories actually have
nothing to do with St Pat’s but more to do with beer
that hasn’t been sufficiently aged. But come this
magical day of celebration, the young and even the
old will indulge into the mysteries of what turned
their beer green. Just keep in mind that it could be
fungus depending on the bar and how clean their
glasses are!!
(Please Drink Green Shit Responsibly)

St. Patrick ’s
This beautiful Decorated
Neo-Gothic style Cathedral has
a history of land purchase dating
as far back as 1810. The church
properties history has a tale of
being an orphanage, college, and
has been open and closed countless
times. Even Bishop DuBois
reopened the chapel in 1840 for
Catholics employed at the Deaf
and Dumb Asylum and in the general
neighborhood. Work began
in 1858 but was halted during the
American Civil War and resumed in
1865. The cathedral was completed
in 1878 and dedicated on May
25, 1879, its huge proportions
dominating the midtown of that
time. One of the main architects
that has been noted for a large portion
of the work was a gentleman
by the name of James Renwick Jr.
The stained glass windows were
added between 1912-1930. The
church has even seen terrorism
when a bomb went off in 1912 with
minimal damage.The cathedral,
which can accommodate 3,000
people, is built of brick clad in
marble, quarried in Massachusetts
and New York. The main block of
the cathedral is made of Tuckahoe
Marble. An extensive restoration of
the cathedral was begun in 2012
and lasted 3 years at a cost of
$177 million. The restoration was
completed by September 17, 2015.
The restoration cleaned the exterior
marble, repaired stained glass
windows, and painted the ceiling,
repaired the flooring and steps,
among many restorations. If you’ve
never taken the time to go, it truly
is a site to see!
(Please Pray Responsibly)

Laura Lacole
Laura, born September 12,1989
in Belfast, Northern Ireland is a
model who refers to herself as
“Northern Ireland’s only Glamour
model”. This 28 year old lass
started her first modeling job for
automobile racing championships,
during which she was published
in motorsport magazines. She
then modeled in Europe for racing
events and moving onto the
French circuit. Lacole has been
published in magazines and newspapers
across the world. She was
featured in the Irish and UK press.
She won the title of Beach Babe
2011 in September of that year
(what a great year)! TV, radio, BBC
news about politics and charity
fund raisers for toys. We definitely
tip our hats to this young lady. I
don’t think you’ll see her drinking
anything green that’s for sure.

By Otto D