Lizard face Robert “Bob” Kraft has owned the Patriots for a quarter-century. But to his credit the geezer has
kept led a fairly quiet life as it relates to sex, drugs and rock n roll — until recently, that is.

As we all know by now Kraft was caught up in a prostitution scandal at a “day spa” in Jupiter, Florida. He was charged with two counts of soliciting prostitution, and his name was on a lengthy list of those that were allegedly involved in illegal sex acts
at Orchids of Asia Day. In other words the guy got more thank his back massaged (And who hasn’t?).

However, with all the political talk and hate in America, how much fun has it been for this “happy” time out. The memes alone have been a welcome escape from the daily CNN vs FOX wars. So let’s look back at the past few weeks and share a full release
of laughter.


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