2019… Amazing.

I did my first celebrity interview in 1990 with Sinead O’Connor. I sold it to a small local penny saver for
$25.00 and a byline. Over 3,000 stories later here I am, only now I’m the publisher of Metropolis Nights and a
father of a wee girl. My how the times have changed. If you would have told me after that first interview I’d
be still in the Jersey nightlife business and seeking out interesting people to talk to I’d think you were crazy.
I honestly didn’t even think I’d be above ground after decades of decadent living and a hard and very fast
life. The Howard Stern years (all 18 of them) were out of control. I did and said things that were shocking and
bizarre while 16 million people listened laughed. I interviewed presidents, Oscar winners, Hall of
Fame athletes, reality TV stars, super-models and even a convicted killer. I’ve seen and done it all. I watched
bars and nightclubs open and close. I’ve watched the comedy scene flourish and die out and flourish again.
I’ve seen local youthful bands grow old. I published on 9/11 when my heart wasn’t in it but my will was strong.
It’s been a heaven and hell inspired roller coaster ride the likes I can’t even begin to comprehend.
Now I’m thinking back at all of it. The insanity of all these years and all the highs and lows. My face has
aged, my hair is gone and my eyes not nearly as sharp. I’ve lost a lot, but I’ve also gained so much. I’ve seen
friends come and go. I’ve said good-bye to my father, my brother, my best friend and my soulmate. Yet, here I
am still sitting at the controls of this remarkable ride….. another issue—another year and I’m still here.
To all of you who have known me or have seen these words “Interview by Chaunce Hayden”, I say
Happy New Year and God bless you all. Thank you for taking this ride with me for as long as you have. Let the
journey continue!

Happy New Year,

Chaunce Hayden

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