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It’s A Given
That the only reason guys lift the toilet seat at their girlfriends house is to see if any other men have been over!

Stroke This

Let’s talk mechanics gentleman shall we…anyone know the difference between a 2 stroke engine and a 4 stroke
engine? Chances are 2 out of 10 men can and that’s being generous. So lets start from the beginning of automotive engineering. There are 2 types of combustion engines, 2 cycle and 4 cycle (no not like bi-cycle). It’s almost self explanatory when you hear the word stroke where I’m sure most men are no strangers to. Rite, stroke it twice or four times to complete satisfaction. To create
combustion an engine must consist of a gas-air mixture to create expulsion through your exhaust system. On a 2 cycle the piston must revolve twice (up & down) to draw air or fuel in and out creating an explosion of energy in the cylinder which creates your power. Fumes exit through a your exhaust valve on the second stroke. Now on a 4 stroke each piston must go up and down
4 times at an incredible rate to create full combustion. When the piston goes down it is considered the power
stroke and all valves are shut. Spark plug ignites your air-fuel mixture in the cylinder and on the up stroke will release the fumes through one of the valves. Each time on any stroke of the piston either up or down a valve on the head will open and close depending on if it is drawing air or fuel. The last way to tell what type of motor you have besides the sound differences is how oil is delivered. 2 stroke engines are pre-mixed at certain required ratios where the oil is mixed into the gasoline and injected directly into the cylinder. 4 stroke motors (your car) carry an oil pump and disburses or injects by pump into the proper areas. At the end of the day everyone should take a moment and research what they drive and how it drives!
(Please Stroke Responsibly)

Erin Holland
Erin Victoria Holland born 1989 in Cairns Australia is a singer, model, TV Host and the winner of Miss World in
2013. Erin is trained in classical, musical theatre and jazz singing, playing the Clarinet and Saxophone and studied
musical theory. Starring in leads in various Broadway shows such as Beauty And The Beast, Annie and Fame.
We’re a big fan of Holland not just because of these accomplishments but because of her charity work as well.
She’s involved with charities such as Variety, the Children’s Charity, Make A Wish Foundation and an
ambassador for McHappy Day, supporting the Ronald McDonald Charity.

Blow This
2019 is approaching and if you don’t have a snow blower at this point in life then shame on you. Now I
can understand if you live in a complex and they take care of all your shit for you including your land scraping (ok so I’m a little jealous). But in all reality the days of shoveling are over. Save some money and do some research and treat yourself to little luxury. Now the question is what type and how big should it be, cause size does matter. You will have to make a decision if you want a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke (we just went over this). In this particular category we’re noticing 2 strokes beginning to fade out. Mostly because of environmental reasons not performance purposes. I personally own a Toro 2 stroke and I have no problems shooting snow into my neighbors driveway under any conditions!

Here is a list brands for the new year to take a
look at.
1. Toro (2 stroke is an excellent choice)
2. Honda (A household name)
3. Husqvarna (Really have improved)
4. Arien
5. Briggs & Stratton (Eh… Not in generators though)

Kim Domingo
Let’s discuss some Filipino hotness (or “mainit” in the language) and start steaming things up around
here. This 23 year old FHM uprising bombshell born in Quezon City is an actress, TV host, and singer as
well. She is best known for her roles in Juan Happy Love Story as Agatha Samaniego and on the television show Bubble Gang (no it’s not porn)… She released her debut song and music video titled “Know Me” featuring international rapper C-Tru,
released under GMA Records. So keep both eyes out for this sexy young lady and remember it’s always hotter in the Philippines!

Ding Dong I’m Home
They say love is in the eye of the beholder. So hold this, my new love the Gerber Ding Dong! This breaching tool is all a Man Cave man could wish for. A sledgehammer, a battering ram, a pry bar and also an excellent shut the hell up tool. All of which are essential tools for operators who need to get certain jobs done quickly. The huge hammer head is cross-hatched that will grip onto anything it strikes. The fiberglass handle comes equipped with two molded rings spaced to create mechanical stops also ensuring a solid grip. That becomes pretty handy when you lock your keys in the car (especially if it’s a Lambroghini)! So the next time you get the urge to smash, tear and pry just grab your Ding Dong and get busy!
(Please use your Ding Dong Responsibly.


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