Enjoying the Scenery with Hudson & Co. in Jersey City

Enjoying the Scenery with Hudson & Co. in Jersey City


Happy November, everyone! With Thanksgiving around the corner and cuffing season in play, it’s no wonder
people are looking for the crème de la crème in terms of food and dining. As usual I can’t wait to put myself
in a food coma, but where to go, where to go? First thing is first when making my decision, atmosphere. I
don’t know about you all, but I love a place that has splash of color and a decent view. Second thing would
have to be hospitality. Atmosphere goes a long way, but if staff and management aren’t friendly why waste
my time there? Third, and most important thing to mark off my checklist would be food and drinks (of course).
As you all know food is my passion, and I will go out of my way to try the latest and greatest. Recently I had the
pleasure of stopping by new location, Hudson & Co. in Jersey City, and it surpassed all three of my dining

The commute to Hudson & Co. was very simple! Just take a PATH train towards Exchange Place and take
a short 10 minute walk from the station. I know the weather is becoming a bit chilly for you folks, but believe
me the view of the Hudson and city will make the few steps worth it. Make sure you have your smartphone
on hand, especially if you are taking a sunset walk. You’ll end up with almost half your storage gone
with photos of the view before being greeted by Hudson’s welcoming sign. Upon entering, I was greeted by
2 friendly hostesses and owner Jeremy Casilli. We sat down in a lovely nook with a portrait view of the city
gazing right at me from the glass meeting area, to discuss some history of how Hudson & Co. came to be.

Hada’s first recommendation for me was to try the famous Oranje Ripple (yes the spelling is correct.) A
well-blended cocktail consisting of vodka, rum, passion fruit, lime, and OJ, this drink was both a sweet and
tangy treat. It was a good starter for my appetizers, The Hudson & Co. Sushi, and Scallop Ceviche (I couldn’t
choose just one.) First to arrive was The Hudson & Co. Sushi and its presentation was so beautiful with its passion flower, I almost didn’t wish to eat it…almost. The sushi itself had a hint of mango sweetness in the sauce, partnering well with its salmon, mango, avocado, cucumber, crab meat center. This appetizer is very filling and a great starter for two . My second appetizer, the
Scallop Ceviche, was also a work of art to behold before having a taste. It comes served in a shell, atop a bed of seaweed salad. If you are a seafood lover this dish will impress, giving a fresh from the sea feel even before you have your first melt in your mouth bite.

If I could compare my dining experience at Hudson & Co. I would have to say to me it was more than a restaurant.
It was like eating through a culinary museum, and the food and drinks were the art. Its menu has a little something for everyone whether you are a meat, pizza, or sushi eater. The landscape alone will leave you, coworkers, your date, or your family taking away
not only an excellent dining experience, but a landscape fit for royalty. According to Jeremy Casilli, “It’s Jersey City.
It’s happening now, and we’re thrilled to be apart of it.” With plans for lunch, friendly staff, and an added dining hall for all your upcoming event needs, Hudson & Co. is an excellent choice that surpassed my checklist and is a culinary gift that will keep on giving as time moves forward. Don’t forget to call ahead for reservations and times for holiday dining hours! I’ll see
you all soon, Hudson & Co. Staff! Until then, Cheers and Happy Eating to you all!

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