October is here! Are you ready for Halloween? I’m certainly not—but there’s plenty of bars prepping awesome
events for you to take part in. Due to school, however, I might be grounded from this year’s festivities,
unless I finish my school work early. Either way, along my weekend of freedom I found myself traveling
to Hoboken, which if you read my last article in Jersey City, is an extremely RARE occurrence. What brought
me down here, you may ask? Well, it just so happens a new bar opening by Sean Hession, owner of both
Willie McBrides locations in Branchburg and Hoboken, and now…Ferryman on 1st.

Formally known as Marty O’Brien’s Bar, Ferryman on 1st’s name comes with a rich history. According to manager
Cormac Gallagher, “Hoboken was full of men that worked on the docks called Long Shore Men, or Ferrymen.
It’s the history what made Hoboken always a party town.”

The commute to Ferryman was so simple, you’d think you just won the lottery. If you live near the PATH like
myself, it’s only a quick train ride, 5 minute walk, and you’re there! Unsure if you have the right location? Just
look around and you’ll see not one, not two, but three Irish bars surrounding you. If that doesn’t help, just look
for the Ferryman’s beautiful red awning and outdoor seating. There is plenty of room to have a nice dinner
outside with a date, and enjoy the weather while you still have the opportunity.

Upon entering, I was greeted by both Cormac and One of the most friendly bartender’s I’ve met to date, Jo
One thing I liked about Ferryman is that even an out of towner like myself felt like a friend or a regular.
The atmosphere was very casual, and the decor gave me a throwback Irish pub vibe that certainly
would have attracted those Long Shore boys after a long day on the docks. Don’t worry, sports fans…I haven’t forgotten you
There are plenty of seats at the bar waiting for you, and 16 big screens to watch any type of game you like. If you’re a pool and dart player, just make your way past the bar and you will find a pool table area ideal if you are needing some space
to unwind after a long day in the trenches. Looking to have an event? No problem! There is a party room
available perfect for any gathering you can think of. Now let’s get to the good stuff, food and drinks!

Now I have tried my fair share of Irish food, but at Cormac’s suggestion, I decided to try the Irish Breakfast.
This dish consists of Eggs, Beans, Irish Bacon, Irish Sausage, Black and White Pudding, and a Grilled Tomato.
I must admit, I didn’t know what to expect out of a dish containing so much meat other than possibly a good case of food coma after. When it arrived, I found it not too overwhelming at all, in fact it was almost too pretty not to eat! The presentation of the dish itself was perfectly balanced, and I couldn’t wait to dig in. Being that I never tried black and white pudding, that was first on my list. I found it to be my favorite part of the dish. It was packed with flavor and simply melted in your mouth like butter. If
I could have taken home 3 boxes of it, I would have… The beans added a sweetness that partnered excellently with each of the meats on the dish, making it an overall filling original not usually found in a typical bar menu.

After that very satisfying meal there was only one thing left to try, and Jo already had her mind set for me.
She prepared me one of Ferryman on 1st’s famous Fishbowl cocktails, and let me tell you this drink is not for the faint of heart
Firstly, this drink was HUGE…I think the size alone would have intimidated me, but thank stars I had that big meal before
attempting it. Don’t let the size frighten you away, for this drink was subtly sweet, chilled to perfection, and
a great partner-in-crime for the Irish Breakfast. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to finish the whole thing quickly, but be sure you aren’t driving after! This drink will sneak up on you, but the best part is, it won’t leave you with a killer hangover the next day

With its rich history, friendly staff, and a variety of wholesome pub grub, Ferryman on 1st is becoming one of Hoboken’s go-to spots in the area. If you’re looking for an awesome spot to eat, or events such as brunch, trivia, karaoke, football, and even a DJ
make your way down today…you’ll be glad you did! Thanks for the fantastic experience, Ferryman on 1st staff—i’ll be seeing you all very soon for a drink. Until then, cheers and happy eating!

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