State Fair Superstore

State Fair Superstore


So you think you know Halloween? Think again. So you think you’ve dressed to scare, or even dare? Not like this you haven’t. Don’t just celebrate, experience Halloween like you’ve never seen at State Fair Seasons Halloween, the world’s largest Halloween store. Family owned and conveniently located in Belleville, NJ off of Route 21, State Fair Seasons Halloween has been scaring the world for 29 years with the largest selection of costumes, accessories decorations and makeup at spooky low prices.
If it’s easier to shop from the sanctity of your tomb, uh we mean home, go to our website at After all, we appreciate vampires’ sensitivity to sunlight!

“Halloween is the holiday season to us,” Vice President Mike Dorso said. “No matter how elaborate someone wants to decorate their home for a party, or how hard it might seem to find their dream costume, we have everything to bring anyone’s Halloween vision to life.”

If you’re dressing to trick-or-treat, cosplay at New York Comic Con or impress at a parade or a party, State Fair Seasons Halloween has everything you will need. Our aisles of terror feature thousands of costumes in all sizes up to plus and every style imaginable including comical, cute, heroic, sweet, terrifying and even sexy.

Do you want to make your leap onto the big screen or dive into the pages of a comic book? Lights! Camera! Action! We have costumes from the hottest movies (e.g. The Incredibles, Star Wars, The Avengers) and the most dynamic superheroes and super villains (e.g. Batman, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Black Panther). And if you’re a horror aficionado, get ready to inject some fright into Halloween night! We can transform you into terrifying horror icons including Scream, Michael Myers, Freddie Krueger IT and many others. Or if you’re looking to transform into a pirate or pirate queen , a slice of pizza, a police officer, an athlete, a zombie, a grim reaper, a vampire or even a unicorn, you’ll find these and so much more.

But wait! What if you’re looking to show your sultry side instead of your scary side? Ladies, if you’re looking for extra juice in dressing to seduce, we got you covered. We can help you dress classy like an Egyptian Goddess,
gritty like a prison inmate (after all, orange is the new black right?), or naughty like a French Maid or a dirty cop. Gentlemen, are you looking to show everyone that you have game? Why not dress up as Hugh Hefner or even as a pimp? Still not enough to knock a special someone off their feet? We can help you dress up as Prince or a classic 80’s rock star. Or if you want to be a “man in uniform”, we can help you dress up as a policeman, a fireman, a soldier or even as a Roman or Viking warrior.

And what would a costume be without the perfect accessory? Whether you’re looking for a hat, helmet, wig, mask, shoes, prosthetics, props or even weapons, we’ll provide the missing piece to your Halloween costume puzzle (SAW reference intended). And not only do we have professional quality makeup, we even have our own makeup artist, Catherine Cramer (www.catherine who will hold makeup demonstrations to show how you can look your best alive or dead.

Last but not least, we have a vast selection of decorations as well as pumpkins, hay, cornstalks and even
battery powered skeletons that will bring the macabre out of any setting! And best of all, State Fair Seasons Halloween is always kept in impeccable order so you can find everything you need for the scariest time of year. So what are you waiting for? Get out of your tomb, coffin or inner sanctum and get yourself to State Fair Seasons and celebrate what it means to be alive, or dead!

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