Dead and Buried

Dead and Buried



They started to pitch me and I said, “No, no, just send it to me,” and I read it and I thought that’s a very clever, modern way of
referencing Halloween.

After Resurrection, you probably thought this chapter of your life was over, about being in these films. Can you
talk about the moment when you got that call and what convinced you to come back?

Absolutely. So here’s what you need to know. The truth of the matter is, I did Halloween and Halloween
2 because Halloween 2 picked up exactly where Halloween left off, in that version of the storytelling,
and I felt I owed it to the people who loved the original movie, that it picks up the second the last one ends. Even
though other people didn’t join in, I felt as the face of the movie, it was my responsibility. But I also recognized by
then, I had already done Prom Night, Terror Train, kind of a bad thriller called Road Games in Australia, and then I
did Halloween 2.

I knew, if I knew anything, that it was time to say no more because if I hadn’t I would never have been able to
do anything more and I knew that. It must be because I was raised in show business, I had some understanding, even
though I’m walking away from a bona fide career, I was willing to say I’m done, and it had nothing to do with the genre. It had
nothing to do with the pejorative attached. It literally had to do with if I wanted to do anything else I won’t get the opportunity to
because the pigeon hole will be cemented closed and I felt that Halloween 2 was the way to end that.

So all those years later, the reason I have never returned to it is because I was doing lots of other things. It had
nothing to do with lack of respect for the genre. I mean very soon after I was in Trading Places, and A Fish Called
Wanda, now I’m doing work in comedy, a TV series. So I kind of never went back to it, never paid attention to it because it’s
not a genre I’m a fan of. With all due respect, I scare easily. I have a friend of mine who just produced a documentary
and she said, “Oh Jamie, you can’t see this movie.” I scare easily. I’m emotional, so if something is super sad or violent
I react, so it’s not a genre I’m attracted to. I don’t look forward to it, I don’t understand the thrill of it, I respect it,
but not my gig.

So I forgot about it for a long time until H20, and H20 came about purely because I was still in show business, John
was still in show business and Debra Hill was still in show business and I called them to have lunch and said, “Hey
guys, next year will be twenty years later and how crazy is that? How often does that happen?” So the movie was
conceived and there was a moment where John was going to direct it but then he had other commitments and I ended
up, kind of again, being the only representative but the idea of that movie was to kind of complete the story. But
of course, with the Halloween movies there’s a completion and there’s a ‘completion’. You know, the word completion
has many interpretations and so what became clear was that the way I wanted to end that movie was the way we
ended the movie.

I wanted a concrete ending. I wanted for Laurie at that point to, when she turns he back at that gate with
that axe in her hand, she is saying “It’s you or me because I’m not running anymore, I’ve been running my whole
life, I’m not running, so it’s you or me, it’s us.” For Jamie, that was a very important moment and a very
important completion to that movie. But of course what we learn, which by the way was not the original
intention, was that it was not Michael, that it was an innocent man that Lori had killed. So what I said
to them was, “If this is in fact how we are going to conclude the movie, without the audience knowing,
then I have to come back for one more movie, for a very short moment to conclude Laurie’s story.” I’m
not going to make H20 and make it ambiguous, I said I will come in and finish my version of Laurie’s
story, whatever year that was, that was for me, the reason I was in Resurrection.

So for me, I thought H20 was the correct thing to do at the time, I liked it, then I had to be in that other thing
just to conclude the story and then I truly thought I would not return to this. But life is sweet, I’m doing many things,
kids are raised and I was on vacation in June when I got this phone call that David wanted to speak to me.
They started to pitch me and I said, “No, no, just send it to me,” and I read it and I thought that’s a very clever,

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