At the start of this riding season I was invited to hang out with a great motorcycle club called The Steel Souls
in Union, NJ. Their fearless leader president Steve Jennings has actually invited me to many of their
events over the years which often involve cigarthemed gatherings at his shop– Barrister Cigars on Route 22. Unfortunately,
the timing never worked. But this time it definitely did! Steve’s theme was “Who was the best MC in the early
days of Hip Hop.” Many of his friends, customers and club members turned out for an awesome roundtable
discussion of that and of course bikes and cigars.

When I arrived there were a handful of guys sitting around the table listening to music from that era of 80’s and early 90’s Hip Hop. The opinions were flying and biting but friendly and I don’t think any of the group expected the only white guy in the room (me) to have any connection to that scene. But… this particular event was actually highly intriguing to me because a
band I was once in called Non Fiction was managed by Russell Simmon’s RUSH Management. I was lucky enough to be around all the early greats like Run DMC, Public Enemy, Eric B. & Rakim, LL Cool J, 3rd Bass, Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, etc… because they were in the RUSH offices all the time. It was so exciting to be around all that because the style of music was so
new and innovative. But I digress…

As the night wore on, many others arrived and the conversation got even more interesting. We listened to music by groups I happen to love like NWA, The Ghetto Boys, DMX, EPMD as well as loads of other artists that I had actually never even
heard of. Never having met these guys (who clearly knew each other well) before, I am stoked to say that not once was I made to feel out of place or unwelcome. Huge props go to Steve & Co. for their gracious hospitality and true natures. He is strangely
hiding in the back of someone else in the middle of the group pictured here, but he got the big solo shot with his bike to make up for that!

A final bit of coolness comes from the origin of the Steel Souls MC Club. The club was founded in 2007 by three friends sitting around guess what?… smoking cigars. Being a big fan of The Ghost Rider comic character myself, I got a real kick
out of those three friends’ names. They are: current VP “Quick”, “Mr. Biggs” and Prez Steve Jennings aka “The Black Johnny Blaze”. These original members wanted to do something that extended beyond their love of of cigars, and thus Steel Souls
MC was born. Their passion for smoking cigars, how they ride, the brotherhood, their love of bikes, and also the interest of the fictional comic hero “Ghost Rider”… lead them to proclaim themselves Steel Souls.

Ride on my Steel Soul moto-bros!

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