Let’s Take a Drive: A Conversation with  FLAWLESS AUTO MALL

Let’s Take a Drive: A Conversation with FLAWLESS AUTO MALL


in Woodbridge, NJ

It’s Labor Day weekend and I don’t know about you, but I really want to make the most of it. Since I’m not really one to take the train all the way to the beach just to enjoy a few hours in the sun, what is a girl to do? Option 1, you could Uber, (no thanks, holiday surcharge) or Option 2, take public transit and wait forever. Hopefully you are lucky enough to have a car, but if you are like me, not so much. So what’s a girl to do? Unfortunately, the amount of knowledge I know about cars comes from movies like Fast and the Furious. In order to remedy this, I decided to make a quick trip to Flawless Auto Mall for their grand opening in Woodbridge, NJ. Not just to learn a thing or two about vehicles, but about their history, future goals, and what makes them better than most.

The trip to Woodbridge wasn’t too bad if you have a vehicle to get there. Now you could take a train and bare the complicated commute, but trust me, just drive there if you can to avoid a headache. The first thing you’ll notice when making your way down there is the many, MANY, car dealerships in the area. Seriously…I couldn’t believe how many there were… It was almost intimidating, but once you see the welcoming sign for Flawless Auto Mall, you’ll instantly get that feeling of being a giddy little kid with the potential of playing with your first set of Hot Wheels. Just kidding, but…you’ll see some awesome cars. Upon entering the facility, I met with Jerry Ojeda to dig deep and learn what makes Flawless tick… now let’s talk shop!

A newly opened location of a 5 year business, Flawless Auto Mall in Woodbridge used to be a Ford dealership, and is the mind child of Pat Rodriguez and Anthony Cinque. Beginning as retail consultants, both Rodriguez and

Cinque started their journey in Staten Island as a leasing facility that has now expanded to over 3 locations with no plans to stop their momentum anytime soon. The Staten Island facility leases all vehicles mainly to their local audience, while the Woodbridge location caters to mostly central and northern New Jersey clients dealing in used, certified, and high end brands with cars starting as low as $4,995 dollars. If you are a student needing to get a set of wheels quickly and your student loans are killing your credit: No problem! Flawless Auto Mall will work with you whether you have bad or poor credit, little to no money down, offering loans, and leasing for any make or model you choose.

After increasing my knowledge, it was then time to check out the merchandise. The first thing you’ll see on the showroom? A historic 1948 blue Bentley. On it is a sign which states: formally owned by his majesty, King George of Britain. King George would personally drive this Bentley between Buckingham palace and Windsor castle… According to Mr Ojeda, there are only two of these vehicles that are operational In the world, and this one is owned by Prince Joseph Arthur Randall. This historic car serves as a reminder to the Flawless Auto Mall staff that in order to get to where you are going, you have to remember where you came from. Impressive, wouldn’t you say? It’s a definite must see if you are an avid or aspiring car collector, and the Flawless staff would be more than happy to share its history with you upon your arrival. There are many other fascinating brands to check out, and there’s also a fully equipped service center right next door.

Unlike most dealerships you come across who only want to make their commission and send you out the door, Flawless Auto Mall focuses on the customer service experience. According to Ojeda: “if you’re not happy, we will do everything it takes to make you happy. Our job is to make you satisfied and leaving with the car you want, with the payments for the term that you want…that is paramount.” Now I know what you are thinking: why should I pick Flawless Auto Mall out of all the facilities I just drove by? Here’s some answers for you: service, expertise, complimentary maintenance with purchase of a vehicle, complimentary/free vehicle appraisals, and free lease end inspections to let you know what you need to be prepared. With deals like these, a knowledgable staff of 50+ people, and excellent reviews for both Google and cars.com, my only question to you would be why shouldn’t you choose Flawless Auto Mall for your car needs?

Currently, Flawless Auto Mall’s main goal for the future is to increase their market share and to open another location. Before coming to this location, it was safe to say I wouldn’t know which way was up in terms of buying or leasing a vehicle. Thanks to Jerry, I now know how to approach the subject
when the time comes and with all Flawless has to offer, I definitely will be returning to this facility for all my vehicle needs. If you are looking for great customer service with personality, a sense of history, and an overall satisfying car leasing experience, make your way down to Flawless Auto Mall in
Woodbridge NJ. They are worth the trip and will guarantee you a great car to make your last beach journey for the summer a great one. Thanks for showing me around, Flawless Auto Mall staff. Enjoy the rest of summer, and remember stay safe
– don’t text and drive!

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