Tis the season for traveling and taking vacations! July is the perfect month to explore some new places
and check out new bars! I’ve taken the liberty of putting together a list of my favorite bars that I’ve been
to, from Los Angeles to Miami to Mexico to Maryland! Check out these bars if you happen to be in
their area in this summer…

Seacrets  – Ocean City, Maryland

I endured a brutal 8 hour ride last Labor Day Weekend specifically so I could go to Seacrets and believe me,
the experience was well worth it. Seacrets is so huge, it has 4 different venues inside: the Beach stage, the Nite
Club, the Pier Stage and the Tiki Stage. My favorite part of Seacrets is the bay (next to the Pier Stage) where you can
find hundreds of people drinking in inflatable tubes and dancing in the water. If you’re a fan of seafood, their raw
bar is phenomenal and their drink menu is overwhelmingly varied.  Expect to dance to Jamaican music while enjoying the colorful and upbeat atmosphere. You’ll feel as though you’re on an island, even if you’re just in Maryland.

The Viper Room – West Hollywood, California

This bar, once owned by Johnny Depp, is so much more than being the place where River Pheonix overdosed – it’s
a legendary rock haven in the middle of the Sunset Strip. The walls are blacked out, the drinks are cheaper then you
would expect, and the music is always on point. There is nothing pretentious about this bar (which is a rarity in Los
Angeles) and the bands that play are largely responsible for the good vibes. If you’re not feeling the live music on
the first floor, go downstairs to the cozy, dark lounge and chill out.

Wet Willies – Miami, Florida

If you’re headed to Miami this summer with a group of friends, Wet Willies needs to be your #1 bar stop. Located
in the perfect spot on Ocean Drive, indulge in seriously delicious and creative daiquiri’s that are perfect for
both women and men. May I suggest  a  Call-You-A-Cab, a Superman or a Green Apple? Thank me later.

El Squid Roe – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Bartenders blowing tequila from glass bowls into customers mouths, pretty girls dancing on tables, and snarky signs on the wall make this bar hands down the most vibrant and lively bar in Cabo.  Sure, El Squid Roe may be a big tourist hotspot, but there’s a reason why. (I even bought a shirt.

Spirits on Bourbon – New Orleans, Louisiana

It’s hard to pick one bar in NOLA as my favorite, because there were many that left an impression on me: Tropical
Isle, Molly’s At the Market, etc. I choose Spirits on Bourbon because as a dueling piano bar, where musicians played
songs suggested by the audience, it captured the true magical essence of jazz-y New Orleans. Fun fact: Spirits on
Bourbon was renovated on Spike TV’s “Bar Rescue”.

VooDoo Lounge – Las Vegas, Nevada

VooDoo Lounge, atop the Rio casino and hotel, has the most stunning views of Vegas.  If you’re in the mood to
dance with your friends like you’re at a club, go outside and take full advantage of the scenery. If you’re looking to
sit and relax with your significant other, the plush lounge inside may be the spot for you. At least you’ve got options!

Rainbow Bar and Grill – West Hollywood, CA

These are the kind of things that may happen to you if you go to the Rainbow: running into any legendary musician,
sitting down and having a random hour-long conversation with Chuck Zito, Ron Jeremy licking you and your best
friends necks, and Dennis Rodman giving you roses that he just bought off the street. For these reasons alone, The
Rainbow makes this list.  Epic.

Staying local?
Down The Hatch – West Village, New York City

Down The Hatch is my absolute favorite bar to go to when I want to jump on the bus, head into the city, and have
an easy yet exciting night out. Down The Hatch is an NYU bar, but it’s not just for students – it’s for anybody in the
mood to meet new people and make new friends. If you aren’t going for the exceptional bar food (their mozzarella
sticks are amazing!), go to play beer pong or to spin their Deal Wheel, spun every hour! They have great happy hour
prices too!

Doc Holidays –  East Village, New York City

This hole-in-the-wall dive bar has everything you could ask for if dive bars are your thing.  Cowboy boots are stapled
to the ceiling, classic rock blasts through the speakers, sarcastic and witty signs about tipping decorate the bar,
and most importantly, the drinks are cheap! Bonus: There’s a pool table.

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