End Summer In Style

End Summer In Style


ASON TEZ @TezTrends

The summer season is in full swing, but are you up on all the latest trends in men’s fashion? Here is a quick primer on the hottest pieces and accessories to end summer looking and feeling your best.

Camp Collars

These hot new shirts have been all the rage since spring and are so versatile that they can be worn either
out for drinks with the guys, at the office, or even for a night out with that special someone! The secret is that
it all depends on what you pair them with. Throw a blazer on top and you’re ready for the club. Atop
solid-colored shorts, its beach barbecue time!

Printed Shorts

That said, solid shorts are for guys that want to keep it safe. Why not venture out on the wild side and experiment
with different patterns? This season’s choices include stripes, polka dots, and off-the-wall patterns like palm trees.

Functional Sneakers

This year has seen a rise in a sleek, new style of athletic shoe that can be worn at the office or out to dinner without
ever looking out of place. Multi-functional footwear comes in a variety of styles and colors to suit everyone’s

Seasonal Accessories

The 2018 summer look would not be complete without a smattering of accessories. The hippest style right now for men is nautical or yacht-themed jewelry. Anchors charms on necklaces and rope bracelets are all the rage. Toss on a pair of bright-colored sunglasses and you have a modern look perfect for the season.


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