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Happy July 4th…
I have to admit had a hard time deciding on a cover for this month.
I was torn between the deadbeat millennium son of Long Island parents
who had to legally toss the deadbeat out of the house or Roseanne. Both are
compelling stories. Loser or racist? Take your pick.

The loser, 30-year-old deadbeat dad, Michael Rotondo gained infamy
when his story was picked up by every media outlet around the world.
His greasy pony tail and hound dog expression made him the face of a disgraced
youth culture that has basically given up. Fair or not, it is what it is and sterotypes
are real for a reason. However…. don’t feel so bad for Michael. The reality show offers
and movie/book deals are indeed coming in by the truck load. As sick as this may sound
(and not surprising) being a loser is the same as being an Academy Award winner
or singing superstar. The Kardashian’s exist for a reason. Blame ourselves.

Now, on the other hand we have Roseanne. Simply amazing. Never hiding her hate
and white trash persona, this slob has made millions and achieved superstar status
based on her trailer park humor for decades. It seemed like only yesterday we got
the pleasure of watching Roseanne cough up a gob of green phlegm and spit it on
the the Dodger Stadium infield after a insulting mockery of our National Anthem…
and we loved it. But that was during the Howard Stern age of shockisms. In 2018 we
will tolerate very little. What is a definite no-no are white on black racism and power
raping women. By the way I invented the term “Power Rape” so please give me credit
if you use it.

Anyway, those are the two big bad career enders. Bill Cosby and Harvey W went with
the latter while Roseanne opted out for the hate crime career graveyard. Fascinating!

So which one for the cover? Hound dog face or our own Hollywood Hitler? Tough call,
but I hope you agree with my pick.

Have a safe and awesome holiday!


Yours truly,
Chaunce Hayden

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