Would it be fair to describe Cinco de Mayo as
Mexican St Paddys day?

Yes it’s celebrated in the same way. It’s actually more of an
American thing. It’s not celebrated as much in Mexico… Both
holidays have a different meaning in their native lands of Mexico
or Ireland but here in America the holidays have
become away to celebrate the Mexican and Irish heritage
– “ American Style”.

What does Blue Moon do to prepare?

Our planning starts about 4 months in advance,
booking Mariachi bands, organizing promo events,
planning outside tents, and preparing our staff
& guests for the biggest day of the year!

We make about 5 times more guacamole than we usually
do and set up extra bars to accommodate the crowds.
Every year we give away t-shirts to all our guests until we run
out. We also have Mariachi bands playing and our liquor and
beer suppliers provide us with promo girls who do giveaways.

Our staff knows that Cinco De Mayo is an “all hands
on deck” day that while it is a lot of work, it is also a
lot of fun for customers and employees alike.

What’s the biggest misconception about tequila?

20 years ago most Tequilas that were popular weren’t
that good. Now There’s a wide variety that are both
smoother and tastier. Tequila contains a worm
in the bottle. Truth: Tequila never comes with a worm
in the bottle. Some mezcals do.
Tequila is highly alcoholic. Truth: tequila is nearly always sold
at 40% alcohol in the US, the same as most vodka, whisky,
gin, rum, and everything else.

Tequila is not a high end liquor…. (great article…..

Blue Moon has several locations. Do they each
of their own separate ambience?

Yes each one is a little different but they all follow our same
philosophy for providing great food and service and becoming
part of the neighborhood. They really are representative of the
neighborhoods they are located in.

What sets Blue Moon apart from other Mexican restaurants?

We offer cuisine that is very fresh from a nearly scratch
kitchen. We offer a wide variety of vegetarian items
as well. We also like to offer items that are a twist on traditional
Mexican with selections such as a Philly Moon
burrito that resembles a cheese steak sandwich, a
buffalo chicken burrito and Mexican Calamari.

We have live music on the weekends in a couple
of locations and most importantly we are very
community oriented. Over the years we have donated
over $400,000 to various organizations.

What would you say is your signature dish?

We don’t necessarily have a signature dish but we are known for
letting our guests create their own combinations of various menu
items. Although our Fiesta Salad and Fish Tacos are
guest favorites and we are looking forward to our new
menu featuring Brisket Tacos, that we will believe
will be an instant hit!

What tequila brand is the most popular today?

I would say Patron is the most popular.

Most expensive tequila on your shelf?

We have carried all sort of tequilas at all different
price points but currently we carry Don Juilo 1942 (retails for
around $100) and Jose Cuervo Reserva  (retails for around $170)
Our guac is made from the freshest Haas avocados a few times a
day. Our guests rave about the flavor and texture.

What advice would you give to anyone making plans for Cinco de Mayo?

Come early and stay late. Don’t forget to pace yourself because
our Margaritas are killer!!

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