Data, data and more data. Data….that is the question.
What data goes up, must come down. I gots to
get me some more data.
I’m sitting in a coffee shop somewhere south of
Belfast, Ireland. They call this wee town…Monaghan.
It’s remarkable how small the world has become
thanks to this thing called “Wifi”. I never really thought
about wifi before my journey to Ireland. It was something
that came with your cable TV and some bars
seem to have it, but who really needs it? It’s not until
it becomes your life line that it becomes something
much more.
Many people on Facebook have been following
my life here in Ireland. Both North Jersey MN readers
and, surprisingly, the good people of Monaghan.
It’s as if two completely different cultures are curious
over my take no prisoners desire to find my child.
She’s only 5 years old and in case you don’t know the
story, I’m here in Ireland to find her and be my child’s
father. Many have praised my efforts and inspiring
and an example of what makes a man a dad. But I
don’t see it like that.
For me there was no option. No choice. I need
to be here in Monaghan because this is where my
daughter is. It’s that simple.
So the big question is… Can I continue as publisher
of this great entertainment magazine from a
European coffee shop? The answer seems obvious.
If you’re reading this and I’m guessing you are (unless
you’re psychic), indeed I can…. or at least until
my data runs out!

See you in the fall!

Chaunce Hayden

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