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Please allow me to vent a little this month. Yeah, I could talk about the awesome issue you have in your hands, but we all know it looks great and the cover story featuring one of the hottest female athletes in the world is great. It’s also summertime which is great. Basketball season is over which is great and unemployment is down and that’s great to. Basically, everything is great…… Except the following:

1. Kathy Griffin – Are you kidding me? A middle aged comic who is more known for her reality TV show than her stand-up act holds a faux dismembered Donald Trump head and the entire planet acts as if the Pope just gave us all the finger. We’re all such mindless sheep for the news media. We’re told that’s news and we fall in line as if it means anything aside from the fact that Griffin was desperate for attention. If anything we should be standing up and cheering one of the most brilliant PR “look at me” moments of all time. Not since Snooki has so many cared about so little. Now we get to see how many headless Donald Trump heads are sold this coming Halloween. Get over it.

2. Lebron James – The greatest NBA star of all time (I hate basketball) claimed that someone painted a racial slur on his garage door. Okay, can someone please show us a photo of this alleged racial slur? In an age where TMZ knows what’s going to happen before it actually happens, why is there not one photo of such a disgusting alleged act? Wouldn’t James have a photo? Wouldn’t the cops have a photo? Wouldn’t a early morning dog walker have a cell phone photo of such a news worthy crime? Yet, there’s nothing. The most famous athlete in the world and he lives on a public street and there’s not one photo of this crime. Hmmmmm.

3. Bill Maher – An extreme Democrat said the “N” word on live TV. Was he fired? No… are there protest and riots in the street? No….Did Al Sharpton hold a press conference? No. Now imagine if Sean Hannity blurted out the “N” word on live TV. Next topic.

4. Medical Advice – Two Xanax do not equal one Ambien. Two Xanax and one glass of wine equal one Ambien.

5. Huma Aedin – Huma has taken back Anthony Weiner once again. At what point do the police charge her as an accessory to his sick crimes?

6. Tiger Woods – The troubled billionaire golfer lost his shit on Ambien and a few pain killers. I call that a party not a crime. Relax. (no pun intended).

7. Barbara Streisand – It was literally a news story that Barbara Streisand’s dog died. Yet, when Cher’s goldfish broke a fin nobody cared. Not one single protest!

8. Heidi Klum – The Project Runway star bares all in a new photo book. Does anyone need to buy a book of a 40 something model posing nude in a book? Anyone?? Hello?

9. Gregg Allman – Okay, Gregg Allman died. Did anyone think he was still alive?

10. Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor – The perfect couple split after 17 years of marriage. That’s 400 years in Hollywood!! Congrats!

See you in July!
Chaunce Hayden

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