Better safe, than sorry

Better safe, than sorry


“Don’t be silly, put a rubber on your willy”

So everyone’s heard about safe sex right!?! We all know it’s the right thing to do unless you are with a trusted partner or trying to have a baby. There are numerous forms of safe sex, with condoms being the most common. Although it may seem like common sense, not everyone knows how to use a condom correctly.

Here are some tips on what to do and what not to do when it comes to putting a helmet on that soldier to prevent STD’s, unwanted pregnancies and other related risks.

Make sure you are wearing it correctly. If you are not, it may come off during sex and will defeat the purpose of using one in the first place. I had an incident with one once and let’s just say that I couldn’t find it!!! It wasn’t a good situation to be in.

Make sure they are not expired. It will be in everyone’s benefit to make sure the shelf life is current so you don’t have any mishaps during the deed. If they’re old, they can break easily or even cause irritation to the skin.

You can actually add lubrication to the inside AND outside of the condom for added pleasure. Some condoms actually come pre-lubricated, but adding your favorite brand can’t hurt. Believe it or not, it can actually keep the condom from tearing, so lube up!!!
Stay away from lotions and oils when it comes to condoms, as it will break down the latex. Stick to water-based or silicone based lubes instead.

Take the condom off as soon as you are done. Leaving it on cannot only irritate your genitals, but leak as well. It’s also pretty nasty!

You should also use a condom for oral sex. I know it sounds a bit like over kill, but STD’s can be spread through other acts than just sexual penetration.

Leave it on during the entire period of intercourse. Some may think it’s safe to start with using a condom and then take it off, with or without the knowledge of their partner. This is not only the wrong way to use a condom, but the wrong thing to do to your partner.

I know condoms aren’t always preferred and they aren’t always 100% effective either, but it’s the first step to making sure you and your partner are safe on all ends. So don’t be silly, put a rubber on your willy!


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