When the real estate market collapsed I was in some pretty serious financial trouble. I had many friends who went bankrupt and out of business. But I fought it through and didn’t have to do any of those legal maneuvers, and today my company is much stronger than it ever was. I guess I learned that I can handle adversity and pressure in bad times. Something you don’t know if you can handle until it actually happens to you.
I was billions of dollars in debt, but I also had billions of dollars in assets as well. Nevertheless, at one point the debt was 900 million dollars more than the assets, in my opinion. At least! But I was able to come back to a point where my company was much bigger and much stronger than it ever was in the ‘80s. So, I’m happy about that. The one thing I learned from that whole experience is that if and when that happens, you better be prepared to work your ass off or you’re in big trouble.


My first memory of food is my mother’s bread and butter pudding. We didn’t grow up with a lot of money and didn’t have a lot of money. We had a humble life. We moved around a lot and dad was always moving us around. She made it with stale bread and custard and sometimes as a treat mom would put a little splash of Scottish whiskey. Two or three tablespoons of that and you’d sleep for 10 hours!

Size definitely matters when it comes to sex, but right now nothing matters to me. Little or big, I just don’t want it. But for the record, my husband is very well endowed.

I could say I could kick ass right out of the womb. I used to get thrown around by my brothers when I was younger. But from the first day I was rolling around in the ring I knew I was meant to do this.


Stress is the number one killer. Learn how to cope with it and find true happiness. Be around people who really care about you. Always give back and paint the picture of the life you want. You can see your dreams happen in front of your eyes and anything is possible.

Brie: We don’t look at ourselves as pretty girls, but as strong women. When I step into a ring, the last things I think about are my looks. I’m focused on how I’m going to take down my opponent. The greatest thing about being a WWE Diva is that we empower women. We want every girl and woman out there to find power, strength, and confidence inside. Beauty will follow all of that. Like they say, beauty is from the inside out. Therefore, injury is the last thing I think about.

Nikki: It’s our passion, our heart and soul. I look at that ring beyond beauty, beyond fame. I look at it as a competition, as putting a smile on someone’s face, as a connection to a fan in the WWE Universe. There aren’t enough words that can describe the feeling I have when I am in that ring. It is truly amazing.

I went back and watched every single episode of Celebrity Apprentice. I’m talking about over 70 hours worth of shows. I wanted to size up all my competition and really familiarize myself with the rest of the cast. I wanted to be extremely prepared. So I already knew going into it what each of their personalities were like. That shows you my competitive nature. I wanted to go into it with my guns loaded. I went over each cast member’s weaknesses and strengths. I learned who had the ability to raise money and who couldn’t raise money. I wanted to know whose team I should try and get on. I learned all the in’s and out’s of everyone.


I’ve been though controversy before and dealing with the way people react to what I said. But I’m in the best job I could possible be in and I’m not dumb enough to fuck it up. If one day I’m not working at the FAN it will have nothing to do with me saying anything objectionable or fireable. It will be for some other unknown reason. I’m well aware of where that line is and when I can and can’t cross it. Our show does get a little blue sometimes, but I don’t think it ever gets close to being “Huh-oh”.

I’m the seventh person to play Catwoman, but I’m the young version, so I’m the first teenager to play the role. It can be intimidating and nerve wrecking. But it’s also amazing. I just go with what the writers give me. I go with my instincts and I just kind of feel it out. I feel comfortable in my own body from my dance background, so that helps. I just go with it.

My life was complete confusion and chaos. Not knowing who was good and who was bad in life was terrible. My life became an absolute circus. It became hell. I didn’t know who was around me and for what reason. I lost faith in everyone.

41 years ago both me and my friend had the happiest moment of our lives when I walked the wire across the Twin Towers. But then people follow their own road. I continued to perform and create and for my friend he ended up having not the life that he may have wanted. He grew old and he grew sour and let’s just say it in plain English, he grew jealous of my success. That’s what I think happened in this case. This man is sharing with the press things that are so unnecessary. So I smile but some of that smile is filled with pity. Life goes on. But I think that happens to people when they have success. There will always be people who take the sour road. It’s just tough when it’s one of your friends.
I know Mike Tyson; I don’t want to say anything about the tattoo on his face! He’ll come and find me! Look, I’ve been tattooing since I was 14 years old. I have nothing on my hands, neck, or face. I think that’s my answer. Anybody can do what they want to their body. You just have to be aware of what society accepts. If you make yourself an outcast, you have to be ready to take it.
One time Barbara Walters requested an eclusive jailhouse interview with my grandfather. But he politely turned her and her money down. He said to her, “Sweetheart, real men don’t do interviews.”

I don’t want to say I was stronger than the boys, but they were all a little fearful of me. I was tougher than most of them. My brother’s made me pretty tough. There’s a difference between a real athlete and a girl that just throws on a baseball cap and pretends.

We live in a world now where you can be famous for having 14 children. You can be famous because you used to be famous, and now, you’re dancing on television. So now, we want to follow your every moved. You can even be famous now because you write about famous people. I don’t understand it. It’s something I just don’t understand. Look at the Kardashian’s. I don’t know them, and I hate to be rude about them. I’m sure they’re lovely people, but you know what I’m saying. How bad is it going to get? Watching death on television? Where does it stop? It scares me.

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