1. What inspired you to get in the bar biz?

When I was 15 I started working in a coffee house. I’ve literally been making drinks my whole life. I was the fastest employee. Never late. And always making suggestions. I had my first raise in a month. And I knew I was built to do more. As soon as I was 16 I was serving in a restaurant and bartending at 18. And I never looked back.

2. Where did you come up with the name “Offside Tavern”?
That’s all Nick. He’s the sports fanatic.

3. Describe what kind of crowd and vibe you’re looking for?
We want everyone! The after work guy looking to have a scotch. The rowdy sports crowd who just want to watch their favorite game and have some beers with friends. Our goal is to be the neighborhood hangout for all types.

4. You’re located right off the 14 Street Path station. Do you anticipate many Bridge and Tunnel crowds?
Without a doubt. Especially being a block away from some of the most enticing nightclubs. But we’re looking to capitalize on that. Offside will be the pre-game spot for weekend nights and the go-to spot for weekday games.

5. What’s going to separate Off Side Tavern from other New York City watering holes? The owners. It sounds a little crass but we’re all seasoned bartenders that teamed up to make the same dream come true…a feel good bar for everyone. We have a gamer, a mixologist, and a sports nut all behind the stick attracting every crowd there is.

6. What will be the drink house special?

A shot of whiskey! We’re doing a barreled old fashioned with Angels Envy, which is the best bourbon right now because it’s new, well crafted, and so much buzz around it.

7. What’s the wildest thing you ever saw in a bar?
That’s a coin toss. I can write a book on the things I’ve seen, all scary and hilarious. The craziest thing I’ve seen though was a guy propose to his girlfriend in front of all her friends. When we gave them the champagne toast to celebrate, she told him she couldn’t drink because she was pregnant…and the crowd went nuts! It was actually a really cool movie-scene moment.

8. Is the age of the nightclub over in your opinion?
I think nightclubs attract more of a younger crowd, but bars…are forever! We’re trying to make a spot that feels like Cheers…everyone knows everyone and always feels welcome. Personally, none of us are nightclub people. We love beer, whiskey, and rock n’ roll.

9. Are you nervous how the next 3 months will go?
We knew that opening in January was a double-edged sword because its infamously the slowest time in the service industry. Our numbers have been great and we’re getting on the map more and more each week, so it worked in our favor to iron the kinks out and make this place rocking before St. Patrick’s day and March Madness.

10. Tell us something about yourself that nobody knows?
Nick and myself jumped out of plane together about five years ago for his birthday. Then we went to unwind at the Cheesecake Factory where he used to work out in Long Island. That day really sealed the deal that we’d be friends forever. Death and cheesecake.
Located at:
137 W 14th Street
New York, New York

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