How would you describe the scene at Bistro 21?

The scene at Bistro 21 is extremely diverse. We offer something for everyone which is nearly impossible to find in New Jersey.

But what separates Bistro 21 from other places?
Bistro 21 has numerous rooms for small to large parties. We have our Sports Bar on one side of our venue and a Banquet Hall on the other. We can cater to numerous events in numerous room at the same time. We have great drink and food prices with amazing food and an event team that can make your wedding, sweet 16, birthday or corporate event as smooth as can be.

You’ve become a legend in North Jersey over the past few years. What’s your opinion of the nightlife scene?
Over the last 2 ½ years I have been blessed to work and run Teak On The Hudson, Reign Night Club and Mills Tavern in Hoboken. And now I have taken the position of General Manager at The Bistro 21 in Lyndhurst, NJ. I have worked with the best of the best from Erock Entertainment to every dj you can name.
I love the business but I’m not happy the direction the scene has gone. But after 22 years, it happens and will happen again. It’s a new generation we are catering to. They don’t want the expensive bottle service or high door charges. They just want to come out have great drinks and music and reasonable prices. At the same time listen and dance to great music. The scene will be back. Its just a step in the road. We just have to adapt with the times, that’s way the sports bar scene has blown up. Cheap drinks, TVS, sports, djs and UFC Fights. That’s what its all about.

What about music? The scene keeps changing. How do you stay on top of what people want to hear?
They still want to hear the hits. Our djs play anything from old school disco, freestyle, funk, house to hip hop. We adapt, as I said, to the crowd we have. We rock to whomever is in our venue rocking. That’s what keeps us going.

How important is a DJ to a club?
Very important. Without the dj you have no club. A lot of owners and young managers forget that. You need music and you need someone who understands the scene and can play what your crowd wants to hear, so you can keep them in your building all night.

You spent a lot of time helping to create the scene in Hoboken. Now you’re on the other side of the 14th Street bridge. How much different is it?
It is very different. I now have to deal with avenue that is a destination spot. That’s a challenge. Also understand the surrounding area, what do they want and what can I do to pack Bistro 21.
Hoboken was also a challenge, cause it was new to me. But Hoboken is a town of foot traffic and blocks of nightlife.
What makes me work and love the business is this, the challenge.

Bistro 21 is an extremely large venue. How challenging is it to operate it?
Bistro 21 is a large venue with a sports bar on one side and a full catering hall on the other. I have an amazing team, which helps me from Ab our back of house manager to Gina our Catering Hall Manager. We click and we care so that helps. Chaunce, as you know I sleep and breathe my job, but that’s what separates a lot of us. We love the challenge and except the long hours, because the end result is SUCCESS. The operation from the front to the back of the house can be overwhelming at times, but with this team, I can say it makes it easy for me to operate. TEAM WORK will always make you successful

Do people still order bottle service or is that no longer a thing?
They do, but I don’t hear of it as I did 2 years ago. Bottle Service will always be there, cause it guarantees you a couch and VIP status. But like I said I don’t feel it is the thing anymore as it was

Bands, comedy, country night…. What’s the next popular thing?
Its hard to say cause it depends on the area and type of venue. The dj will always be the thing, but where I am at at Bistro 21, I see us booking great Comedy Shows, And Live entertainment. UFC fights have taken over and I see the pay per views being what everyone wants to see.

By the way… How is the food at Bistro 21?
The food is amazing from our STONE FIRE PIZZA, Chicken and Waffles, Bistro Burgers and Entrees. I have to say, PLEASE COME IN AND TRY OUR MENU.

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