All about the Benjamins

All about the Benjamins

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It really is all about the Benjamins! The Benjamins are rocking their way
across the country performing over 200 shows a year. This high-energy rock band has reformed their lineup, their philosophies, and their sound with the recent addition of their two new members, guitarist Andrew Alfano and drummer Dennis Zimmer. These two amazing musicians have brought new life to an already talented band!

Joe and Ben DeGennaro are the heartbeat of the band. These brothers truly have music in their blood. Their father, a full time musician, got the boys involved in music when they were young children which would lead to a lifelong passion, and a full time career as adults. Joe on lead vocals and rhythm guitar fronts the band with every ounce of his soul. He gives 100 % to make the band the best that it can be on and off stage. He is the hard driving bandleader who strives for perfection from a lineup of precise musicians. Ben is a bad-ass bass player with the presence of a true rock star. He makes playing his instrument look easy. Always wearing hats he brings a certain mystique to the stage that keeps the fans wanting more. The sexy and powerful singer Jenni Spiro adds another level of excitement to the band. Jenni is the only daughter of two full time working musicians. Her father, Mongo, is the keyboard player/vocalist for The Nerds and her mother Shari is a bassist/lead vocalist for several NJ based bands, and CEO/founder of Breaking Games, an award winning game publisher and manufacturer. Jenni knew she wanted to be a big star at the age of 3. She aggressively pursued being a performer and was playing the bass, acoustic guitar and writing songs by the age of 15. Music wasn’t just a passion for her it was a way of life. Jenni has been with The Benjamins for the past 5 years and continues to bring true rock and roll to the lineup. I
have seen grown men melt watching this sexy vixen spill her talents on
stages from New Jersey to Key West. Joe and Jenni have an organic
connection when they perform on stage together, which is unlike any other vocal combination on the scene. They truly mesh on a level most singers strive for. Andrew Alfano, formally of The Zoo, recently joined The Benjamins bringing a fresh new outlook to the band. His taste in music and style is a welcomed change for the already talented lineup. He brings a new energy to the band with his seasoned guitar playing and stage presence. The latest addition to the band Dennis Zimmer has been around the New Jersey music scene for years. The former front man for Big Orange Cone and Pump City knows how to entertain a crowd, but as a talented drummer he is the perfect addition to complete the rhythm section of the band. He was Lita Ford’s drummer…yes that Lita Ford, the queen of metal! He brings old school rock drumming to the Benjamins with a fierceness that is beyond compare. The entire band and their fans are having a blast getting to know Dennis and his larger than life playing and personality.

As the bandleader, Joe is excited about the renewed commitment that
everyone has to the group and to each other. He feels the comradary, and is excited for “the challenges and rewards of playing together with the new members.” Joe went on to add, “In my opinion, playing cover songs sometimes comes with more pressure than doing your own, from a singers point of view, even if a song is not your style, you need to find a way to make it work, to make it your own.” The Benjamins never disappoint and play every song with conviction whether they’re playing their own music or their favorite cover songs.

The new lineup is a fresh and exiting start of a new chapter. The band is reinvigorated and inspired to share their talent with their fans and friends. For the past 2 years, Ben and Joe have been discussing the idea of getting back in the studio to write new material. They now have the perfect lineupso you can expect new music from the band in 2017 on a stage near you.
In addition to being the hottest club band in the northeast, they have
earned a great reputation in the wedding and corporate event circuit. They have created the perfect combination of MC/DJ and fun, high-energy live music to accommodate any private event.

The band has landed some exciting new venues to finish out 2016 and
welcome in 2017. They will be playing in Hoboken’s Willie McBride’s
biggest holiday party of the year!! (The bar has a free strech limo to pick you up locally) The Benjamins will also be hosting some of the biggest Christmas parties in Northern New Jersey at Just Jakes in Montclair, NJ on December 10th and the Midland Brew House in Saddle Brook, NJ on December 17th. If you’d like to find out more about The Benjanins sign up for their email list at to get the latest updates. You can also check out their show schedule, live videos and social media on the website. Don’t forget to “like” them on Facebook.


All about the Benjamins
By: Beth Rooney

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