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Drinking dirty in New Jersey

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It has all the insanity of an evening on the Howard Stern Show, all the attitude of true Jersey folk, a foul mouthed puppet named Pops, and a dynamic duo living out crazy misadventures while getting trashed: it’s Drinking Dirty In Jersey. As the hosts of one of the most rapidly growing podcasts in the country, husband and wife team Cris and Cassie Finley have turned a once small pet project into a full professional production with tens of thousands of listeners every week. We at MetNights were lucky enough to get to talk with them, and it’s been a hell of a wild ride!
MN: So, tell us how you began the radio show.
Cris: It’s been about 4 years ago, and it was about the time that podcasts became big. I always wanted to be a radio host, even since I was a little kid. When we heard about podcasting, we got together and began our own.
Cassie: I actually went to Seton Hall and studied radio communications, so I handle the tech side of things.
Cris: I’m lucky. All I have to do is be uncensored. (laughs)
Cassie: But yeah, it all grew from there. Now we’ve gone visiting dive bars, breweries and distilleries throughout the US. We’ve done stuff in Jersey, Texas, L.A, and even Louisiana.
MN: You must have had a lot of adventures. Tell me some!
Cris: Well, our last stop at a dive bar was pretty memorable. We usually have the podcast broadcasted throughout the bar, and apparently the patrons really didn’t like some of the more politically incorrect things we’ve said.
Cassie: So what happened was they began to attack us. We ended up using Pops the puppet as security. It was pretty crazy – Cris even did Pops’s voice while fighting the bar patrons back. We stopped going to dive bars after that.
Cris: Then there was the time we were in Louisiana, near New Orleans. We actually went to a dive bar that was so divey that it looked like someone’s garage.
Cassie: Yeah, they kinda had a Christmas theme going on. They had Christmas lights hanging out of the roof during summer. The real kicker was that they had this one drink called the Possum Drop. You know why they called it that?
MN: Why?
Cris: Because possums tended to fall out of the ceiling of the bar! No joke, the taxi driver was scared for us when she dropped us off there. We had a great time, though.
MN: That’s insane! Come for the drinks, stay for the possums.

Cris: Exactly!
MN: I hear you have a lot of guests on the show?
Cris and Cassie: Yeah.
MN: Which would have to be the wildest?
Cassie: My money would have to be on Peyton Sinclair, an adult film star we had over.
Cris: Yeah, she was pretty out there. She came to the interview completely wasted.
Cassie: As in, she actually fell out of the car when she got here. And then, we also do a live video feed of everything, so it got a bit…Well, she kept trying to take her clothes off.
Cris: Yep. It was definitely something we’ll never forget. It’s kinda hard to avoid talking about the porn star trying to take off her clothes, haha.
MN: That. Is. Awesome. So, is there anything you want people to know?
Cassie: Absolutely. We love new listeners! Check us out at www.drinkingdirtyinjersey.com, and feel free to support us.
Cris: We’re proud to offer inexpensive but awesome merchandise. Our shot glasses are awesome!
MN: Lastly, what’s your favorite beer?
Cassie: I’ll take that one. Basically, we’re fans of anything really exotic – primarily because it helps us really appreciate how rare it is that we’ll be able to enjoy it in our lives. Craft beers are great like that!



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