It’s Tanning Time!

It’s Tanning Time!


A Conversation with City Tropics Tanning Salon in North Arlington.
By Amanda-Kathryn (aka RamblesofRed)

Well all, it looks like Summer and good weather finally found us. While most have the luxury of heading to the
beach, I’m taking a job to support my upcoming semester for school. This leaves me very little time to enjoy the
ocean this year (tear), so I must find other alternatives for working on my sun-kissed glow. Never fear! There is a
solution to ditching my winter-woe look, and it lacks the sandy mess that I’m bound to endure just to partake in
the many activities the Jersey Shore has to offer. Ready for my suggestion? City Tropics Tanning Salon on Ridge
Road in North Arlington. It’s right around the corner from me, meaning no long car ride or traffic (thank God!)
and the staff is more than equipped in helping you look your summer best. I had a chance to sit down with proud owner Anthony Ruccatano, to talk about what he knows best – how to achieve that perfect tan without breaking
your bank.

If you are anything like me, I’m a complete newbie to the tanning salon trend. In fact, I’ve never even set
foot in one before. This  probably because I’ve never done any research on the topic, and I figured laying on the beach was just as effective. However, doing what I thought can be a tad risky and I’m open to other ideas. When
asking Mr. Ruccatano what he would suggest for someone like me (with the palest of pale complexions),
he mentioned his customizable plans at City Tropics for both bed and spray tans alike. For me, I wouldn’t be
able to sit in a UV tanning bed without risking becoming a lobster, instead, I’m probably best doing a nice spray tan. According to Ruccatano, “Safety is always first when it comes to our clients.” So, rest at ease that City Tropics has your back, and your safety is number one concern for them when it comes to customizing a tanning plan that is right for you.

Upon entering City Tropics, you’ll notice the dimly UV lit atmosphere, comfy seating, and big screen TV in the
waiting area. You won’t be ignored, for the staff is very friendly and greeted me almost immediately upon entering.
They even offered me coffee and brownies, which let’s admit, is pretty much my kryptonite on every level.
Brownie points earned ladies, no pun intended there. Mr. Ruccatano proceeded to show me the rest of the facility,
and I noticed some of the different types of equipment behind very neat and upkept rooms to ensure privacy
and the optimal guest experience.

Some of these include:

Open Sun 1050: a cool and air tanning bed offering a comfortable and safe exposure experience, Ergoline
Prestige 1100: good for those looking for high pressure deep body tan, and the Affinity 800: a cool tanning bed                                       offering climate control, aroma, and aqua mist just to name a few…

Now you may recall in the beginning on how I touched on spray tanning being a good option for me. I’ll be honest,
my one fear that has kept me from ever doing it myself at home is that I’d ending up looking like an Oompa Loompa.
Well thanks to City Tropic’s VersaSpa sunless tanning system, that is one concern I needn’t worry about. It has
more than enough standing room with no UV light exposure necessary, and the best part? The results look natural,
like I just came off the beach, and can last you up to 7 days with good maintenance–winning! Now let’s talk
pricing and packages.

Depending on whether you’re a typical bed tanner or spray tanner, or both, there is a plan for you.
For new patrons, you’ll jump to know that there are no contracts and tax is already included in all plan prices.
This means there are no surprise fees awaiting you in the purchase price, how great is that? Another bonus?
Your first tan is FREE in any bed, and you also receive free lotion packet…no purchase required. Amazing.
Here are my plan recommendations: If you’re a student,  hit up the 1-month plan for $79 or the 2-month for $139.
Not a student? No problem! You’ll still save with great prices starting at 1 month for $99 to a 5-month plan for
$299. Just ask the friendly ladies at the desk for more information, they are more than happy to guide and help

With 2 locations in both Nutley and North Arlington, and great plans to choose from, it is no wonder people are
ditching the beach traffic and choosing to keep going back to City Tropics Tanning Salon for their year-round
summer tan needs. Their super friendly staff, clean environment, and no contract or tax included pricing is a
winning combination on all accounts. Don’t forget to follow City Tropics Tanning Salon on your Facebook and
Instagram accounts to keep up with all the latest deals and offers. You won’t be disappointed, so what are you
waiting for? Go check them out today, and happy tanning!


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