Don’t run with turkeys!

Interview with “Nasty” Ronnie from Born To Ride

How long after the TV show did the mag start?

Yeah, it’s very important to talk about safety in the magazine for that reason. Some riders don’t respect
the power of their machines or even road conditions and that can lead to trouble. If the road sign says 45
mph there’s a reason for that! There are certain parts of the lane you should be riding in so people can see
you. So I looked to include a message about safety and who better to go to than The Motorcycle Safety
Foundation?! I mean, that’s what they do! We want to perpetuate safety and try to get riders to just be
smart. I mean, why die? There are hundreds of things you need to be aware of while riding if you want to

Has that had an effect on the magazine in terms of advertisers?

Sure, say a GM of a dealership happens to see our focus on safety in the magazine. They may think,
“Hey, these guys get it! They care about safety!” That may give me an edge over my competitors who don’t
even care about safety. All they want to do is show a bunch of drunk guys shooting birds at the camera
and acting cool. To me, safety is a big part of motorcycling and if you are a publisher we have a duty
to put some positive stuff out there beyond charity rides and benefits and stuff.

How often do you publish Born To Ride, the magazine?

We print eighteen to twenty thousand issues every month of the Florida edition. We’ve got editorial and photographer assignments as well as interviews, etc… I’m kind like Perry White the publisher of
the Daily Planet newspaper who sent Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen out to get the stories.
If they didn’t get what he wanted he was like, “Go out and get more, you didn’t get it right!” (laughs)
Perry’s always push, push pushing… But along with that you have to sell, sell, sell and market and just really hustle.
It’s about hustle but it’s good hustle. No smoke and mirrors… You have to be a visionary to be a publisher
just like Perry White. So we started with the Florida magazine and then branched out to the Southeast into Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North and South Carolina. Then we do a whole ‘nother magazine involving selling, marketing and promotion. We try to educate sales reps and all that kinda stuff. It’s a lot especially when you add in the TV show, radio show and social media stuff. But we make it happen every month.

I don’t want to totally neglect your metal band Nasty Savage since it’s where I originally heard of you. What can you tell us about the band and are you still gigging these days?

Yeah, Nasty Savage was a band I put together around 1983. We made a demo tape called Wage Of Mayhem
and marketed and promoted it. When I think about it, I’ve been a marketer for more than forty years.

We did six albums and toured till about 1990 and then broke up. That’s when I started doing the wrestling
stuff and then of course Born To Ride. But through the years we’ve always done reunion gigs so it’s never really died. We’ve had a couple of changes in the band but last year we played New York at the Defenders of the Old Festival. That was in Brooklyn and we went to Portland and Germany last year to play at the Metal Assault Festival.

This year we have four gigs lined up. In Tampa, FL, Milwaukee, WI, Lima, Peru and in June we are headlining the Strikefest in Los Angeles. I think we are also going to do San Antonio, Houston and Dallas. So it’s going and it’s
great to get the band back together and play. It’s just cool to be able to play and still be notorious onstage.
We still burn images in people’s brains.

The biggest thing I am getting out of this interview is that you have always followed your heart in life
when it comes to careers. From singing heavy metal to wrestling and now Born To Ride, you have consistently pursued a path that you are passionate about. You didn’t just get any old day job and work it your whole life.

Well, you’ve got to be all in. If you’re going to commit to something you might as well go for it. You’ve got to be a
leader and not a follower. Blaze a trail man! Don’t look back– look forward. You can make mistakes but you
can learn from them and it only takes one good thing to really be successful. But if you don’t feel the pain of
failure you’re never gonna enjoy success. But then, how can you enjoy your success if you want more?
So you really have to be on point as a leader and a visionary and not listen to what other people tell you how.
You can take ideas and suggestions but you have to know in your own mind where you are going.
Like in the band days, if I were to have listened to this or that guy who told me to sound like a certain band
I would have had no direction. Two months later that same guy wasn’t even into the band he told me to
sound like so… You have to just hunker down and set your goals in order to achieve them. And keep setting more goals. It’s all about how to be a better leader, be a better boss, be a better person. If you are a better person in your
life and can add value to other people’s lives that’s the key. Work with other people’s passions. I’d rather give somebody the ball and let them run with it and score a touchdown than me be the person to score the touchdown.
I’ll throw a block but I want to be on a winning team. You’ve got to win baby, win! If you’re not winning, you’re losing. I’d rather fly with eagles than run with turkeys.


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