“Some studies have shown that nonverbal communication of pleasure during the
act predicted sexual satisfaction.”

Does being louder in the sack mean you are having better sex? Some studies have shown that nonverbal communication of pleasure during the act predicted sexual satisfaction. How do you gauge how good the sex
is that you are having? Is it by the screams you let out, is it by the amount of times you have sex, or is it how
much you love the person you are with? While it can be all of these things, body language is most important.
There are many ways to express your body language through sex, but most commonly through orgasm.
There are many types of ways to express your sexual satisfaction and orgasms, from moaners to screamers and
those in between.
The moaners, may leave out little moans or some heavy breathing here and there and throughout the entire
act. These usually tend to more introverted people that may not be as comfortable with their sexuality.
There is also the combination orgasmer, who orgasm with a combination of both. They moan through the process and voice there pleasure throughout, but then end up screaming and becoming very loud near and during climax. This is the most common category that people fall into, where they can be going from one extreme to the next.
Then there are the straight up screamers. This is someone who yells the entire time and shouts out very loudly during orgasm. They let you know that satisfaction has been achieved and they have no shame in their game.

They let you and everyone around them know just how satisfied they really are. I have a friend that swears her
boyfriend screams so loud that he literally wakes the neighbors. My friend has actually had neighbors call and complain that they hear the entire thing. At first, she was embarrassed and thrown off since she has never experienced someone that has orgasmed so loud, but she grew to be OK with it just knowing she is doing
her job. Most people find it much easier to express themselves through sex, and the cries of ecstasy are a private language shared within a couple. It seems that a couple who matches each other’s communication styles usually
have the greatest intimacy. While it doesn’t matter what type of orgasmer you are, it does matter that you are
voicing your pleasure to both yourself and your partner. So keep enjoying what you are doing and don’t be
scared to let the world know about it!!!



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