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It’s bad karma to hate or despise. I’ve seen many people
get socked in the mouth by life because of the type of
people they are and the bad vibes they spew. Life should
be rainbows and sunshine and glowing white unicorns
trotting across a green majestic field of daisies and soft
moist soil. That said… I hate the cast of Jersey Shore and
especially Snooki. HATE!
I’m sorry, but I do hate them so. I hate all that this moronic
and humiliating thing MTV calls a show represents.
New Jersey suffered and survived once through several
gut wrenching seasons of “Jersey Shore” complete
with Guido/Guidette global mockery. Now once again
the storm has returned only this time it’s worse. One
might say, “Well, they were dumb kids looking for fame
and all that reality TV attention brings.” And fame certainly
brought this dopey group of morons cash rewards
that boggles the mind. However, now it’s different. The
drunken, greasy tan, hair extension, steroid addicted embarrassments
to human civilization are grown up…. with
(God help us) children!
The only one I have any ounce of respect for is Sammi
“Sweetheart” Giancola who seems rightfully embarrassed
by her past and intelligent enough not to return
to the scene of the crime. Kudo’s to you.
Meanwhile, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino gets one
last bow before moving into his new digs in a prison cell
for tax fraud and Snooki does what she’s always done
best…. get drunk.
It’s kinda funny, America lives in this new world of empowerment,
exposing bad behavior and crushing those
who dare not play by the moral rules of the youthful
marchers of new world order. Yet, there always seems
room to cheer and embrace hypocrisy under the guise of
“Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” serves only one purpose;
it allows us to ignore the protests, the voices of the
future and the shouts for reform.

Fuck that. Enjoy.

Chaunce Hayden

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