Looking to turn heads this spring? Keeping up with the current trends is
certainly a great place to start. Take a look at just a few of these popular motifs
and pieces to help you make an impression.


Many men fear displaying this softer side, but truthfully,
pastels are surprisingly easy to wear. You can go for a full, bolder
look in hues of pink, lilac, baby blue, or light green, or safely pair
a pastel shirt with a neutral piece, such as khaki slacks or a casual
suit jacket.

#TBT: 90’s

Not sure where to start? A good highwaisted,
loosefitting pair of jeans with folded hems, ripped
at the knees will do the trick. Pair them with an
oversized t-shirt, topped with a checkered or
printed shirt a la Zack Morris and you are good to go.

Post-Workout or Athleisure?

What is “athleisure,” you ask?
The popular look has actually caught the attention of Webster
dictionary, who defined the trend as “casual clothing designed to
be worn both for exercising and for general use.”
Many fashion houses have followed suit, runways and nyc
streets are flooded with sneakerinspired footwear, rather
than the traditionally dressier shoes and boots that are more
commonly found. Grab a staple hoodie, track jacket, and quality
sweatpants for a foolproof casual look that’s perfect for
weekend mornings.

The Staple Spring Jacket

Lighten up! A good spring jacket is a staple that you can’t avoid.
There are several designs and different materials to work with,
but it usually best to stick with the trusted classics.
For example, there is the timeless denim jacket, which is great for
the mild weather and able to be paired with almost any casual
outfit. You can even try it with a dress shirt and a pair of loafers
if you choose to class it up a bit. Bombers also tie in well with the
90’s trend and a trench coat never goes out of style.

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