Justin Timberlake is getting back to nature — with a little help from Pharrell Williams, among others. Timberlake
tweeted Monday that his new album, “Man of the Woods,” is coming on Feb. 2 and said, “It’s personal.” “This album
is really inspired by my son, my wife, my family, but more so than any other album I’ve ever written, where I’m from,”
he says in an outdoorsy video clip with the announcement that shows him walking in fields of snow, through rows
of cornstalks and waist-deep in a lake.
It also shows him working in a recording studio and gives viewers a glimpse of Williams alongside him. It’s been
nearly five years since Timberlake’s previous album, “The 20/20 Experience,” was released in early 2013.
“Man of the Woods” is scheduled to land just three days before Timberlake gets the global spotlight with his
performance at Super Bowl LI on Feb. 5, coming 14 years after his Super Bowl duet with Janet Jackson that
included her notorious “wardrobe malfunction.”

Tickets to Taylor’s Reputation
Tour Are Not Selling Swiftly
Sky high prices are reportedly keeping fans from
buying ti ckets to Taylor Swift’s upcoming Reputation
tour, per a story by the New York Post. Though
her 1989world tour boasted numerous sold out
performances (it eventually became the highest
grossing tour of 2015), it appears her considerably
more expensive snake persona is a tougher sell. Ough her 1989 world tour boasted numerous sold out performances
(it eventually became the highest grossing
tour of 2015), it appears her considerably more expensive
snake persona is a tougher sell. Last month,
her “longtime” tour promoter told Billboard, “By the
time all the tickets are sold next week, I’ll be celebrating
Taylor’s birthday with a cocktail in my hand and
sold-out concerts all over the world.” But her birthday
has come and gone, and not one date has sold out.
Reputation was the biggest-selling album of 2017 and
the tour is shaping up to be far from ill-attended, so
the Post’s headline, “Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour
shaping up to be a disaster,” is a little much. It does,
however, highlight the problems with unpredictable
pricing, scalpers, and Ticketmaster in general.
The company’s “Verified Fan” program, which they
would like you to believe is all about rewarding music
lovers, appears to be nothing but a cash grab that
takes advantage of Swift-obsessed teens with easy
access to their parents’ credit card numbers. People
willing to drop $50 on merch, the Post reports, could
“improve [their] position in line to purchase tickets.”
And, once accessible, the tickets are often too expensive
for many fans.
“I paid $150 for my ticket with amazing seats for the
1989 tour,” one fan wrote. “Now for the same seats I
have to pay about $500.”
In related news, tickets to Katy Perry’s Friday show in
New Orleans are currently starting at $23.

Governors Ball 2018: Eminem
& Travis Scott To Headline
Governors Ball 2018
Eminem and Travis Scott are set to headline the 2018
Governors Ball Music Festival alongside Jack White
and rock band Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
The festival, which will host more than 60 performances,
is scheduled to take place from June 1 to June 3 at
Randall’s Island Park in New York City.
Eminem, who was announced as one of the headliners
for this year’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts
Festival on Tuesday (January 2), will mark his first
headlining concert in New York City in more than eight
years at the festival.
The newly reunited N.E.R.D is also scheduled to
perform, as is Jay Electronica, Khalid, Lil Uzi Vert, 2
Chainz, Vic Mensa and A$AP Twelvvy, among others.
At last year’s Governors Ball Music Festival, Chance
The Rapper, Childish Gambino, Wu-Tang Clan and Wiz
Khalifa were among a number of Hip Hop stars that
took to the stage.
Chris Janson Talks
Personal Responsibility
“Humans Have to
Take Care of
by Lauren Tingle 1/2/2018
Chris Janson can’t help the timing of “Drunk Girl,” but
its benevolent message is timeless and needed.
The newest single from his sophomore album Everybody
arrives at the advent of a national reckoning of
sexual misconduct among men in politics, entertainment
and sports. In the months following the #MeToo
movement, the country has seen many including
Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer and Garrison Keillor
lose their jobs over allegations of sexual misbehavior
in the workplace. Taylor Swift was among the “The
Silence Breakers,” a collective of individuals chosen
as Timemagazine’s person of the year for speaking
out against sexual assault and harassment.
Bystanders watching these events unfold are left
questioning what they can do to rid the world of such
behavior for future generations. A part of the solution
is it takes good people who know the difference between
right and wrong to express their beliefs.
That’s where “Drunk Girl” comes in.
“‘Drunk Girl’ is just all about doing the right thing,”
Janson tells “Sometimes people forget. The
bottom line is humans have to take care of humans no
matter who you are or where you’re at. Good information
is good information whether it be for a guy or a
girl. It doesn’t matter the sex of the human. If you do
the right thing, the right thing will always happen.”
While Janson doesn’t have control over the timing of
national events (the song was written with Scooter
Carusoe and Tom Douglas long before misconduct
by powerful men dominated today’s headlines), the
timing of the story within the song is everything.
The lyrics tell of a man who encounters an inebriated
woman while on a night out. The woman is clearly
gone beyond all recognition in public with her hair
a mess and her clothes coming undone. By the end
of the night, the man does what any decent human
would do — he makes sure she gets home safe and
sound. He takes her home, leaves her keys on her
counter and his number by the phone.
Janson says the song was written from a parent’s
perspective. He hopes that if his children found themselves
in a similar situation, others would take care of
them in the same way.
“Ten years from now, I think the song will still have
that timeless quality about it,” Janson said. “Now
songs hit different people in different ways. If anybody
thinks, ‘Hey, this is the perfect song for the times that
we’re in as far as the world or the status of America,’
then I take great pride in that. And I take it as a great
compliment because if a song can help somebody in
any way, that’s why we do this.”
Since its release, “Drunk Girl” has become one of
Janson’s most popular songs to date. It was the No.
1 most-added song by a male in its debut week at
country radio, and since it has become a regular in his
set list, fans have shared with him varying testimonies
of how the song has impacted their lives.
“A lot of people have responded to the song in overwhelming
kinds of ways, and it’s relating to a lot of
people — men and women alike — no matter what
walk of life they come from,” Janson says. “And we
weren’t really setting out to do that on purpose it just
kind of happened that way.
“It doesn’t surprise me though. When you write a song
with the guys that wrote ‘The House That Built Me’
and ‘Anything But Mine,’ it’s hard to get something bad
out of that. It just so happens that we got something
extraordinary. I really love the song, and I’m glad other
people do as well.”
Janson believes that everyone has a personal responsibility
to take care of others. If he sees anyone doing
harm to others at his concerts, he will do anything to
stop it.
“I’m not a big drinker, so I don’t miss a whole lot at
all,” Janson says. “I’m probably one of the only artists
you’ll ever come across who is extremely cognizant of
everything that’s going on in the room all the time. If I
ever see anyone in the audience being inappropriate
be it a man or a woman, I don’t stand for that.
“I don’t like to take away from the artistry and the
music because that’s No. 1. But the bottom line is,
you have to take care of lives and all lives matter no
matter what world we’re in. I’ve stopped shows a lot
of times for EpiPens, heart attacks and things that
happen. But you’ve got to be as cognizant as you can,
and you hope that the crew around you has the same


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