Jersey girl Jackie Nese goes from American Idol to Music Idol

Jersey girl Jackie Nese goes from American Idol to Music Idol


Is there life after American Idol?
Of course there is! American Idol was just the beginning of my journey! I learned so much from the competition. I grew more as an artist after my idol journey ended. It taught me so much and I then knew what i had to work on and where i needed to improve.

What did you learn from your experience?
I learned so much from my experience on Idol. Not only did i get the opportunity to get critiqued by some of the most incredible artists in the world (the judges), but i also had the incredible opportunity to learn from the contestants. It was awesome getting to know and understand other artists my age who were growing and improving just like me from all over the country! I was only seventeen years old. I went into the competition like a sponge, soaking up every aspect of what it takes to be a performer that i possibly could.

Do you think it’s a good thing that they brought the show back on ABC or should it have ended on FOX?
I think it’s a great thing! I have always loved watching American Idol with my family, it was a tradition! No matter what channel the show is aired on, i know i will be watching!!! 🙂

What if anything would you have done differently?
I wouldn’t change anything about my experience. I believe everything happens for a reason. And if it wasn’t for Idol i wouldn’t be the performer i am today!

You recently put out a video of your new single. What can you tell me about it?
Yes! My debut single is titled “Lovin’ Me Up”. The song is available on all music platforms, and my music video has over half a million views on youtube which i still can not believe. I also just released my second single, titled “Blue”.

How important is social media when it comes to getting the word out?
I think social media is incredibly important in todays world. Social media is the easiest way to communicate with family, friends, and fans! I think it gives artists a great way to communicate on a more personal level with fans as well.

Describe you music. What inspires you?
My music is definitely pop, but i would say it has a funky edge to it. I am inspired by artists such as Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, JLo, Christina Aguilera, Justin Bieber, Beyonce, and so many more! I really am inspired by artists who put on big performances! I am a dancer and love putting on big productions while performing. It’s my biggest dream to go on tour and put on a crazy production with full dance numbers.

Do you always wonder what Simon would say every time you record something?
Haha sometimes! It has always been a dream of mine to perform for him and get critiqued by him.

What would you say to anyone who one day hopes to win a ticket to Hollywood?
I would say follow your dreams! I remember watching Kelly Clarkson on Idol years back, and saying to my family how i wanted to be on the show and win a ticket to Hollywood. And that dream became a reality, and the start of my journey! Anything is possible.

Finally, when and where can fans of your music see you perform?
I don’t want to give anything away quite yet, but hopefully on a tour very very soon! I will of course keep fans of my music updated on my social media, especially my instagram (its my favorite social media app!) My instagram name is jackie.nese

Photographer: Lindsay Adler
Fashion Stylist: Engie Hassan
Makeup: Chris Lanston
Hair: Jason Kessler

Denim Jacket: HandM
Bralette: Stylist Owned
Jean Shorts: Guess
Jewelery: AUrate New York
Shoes: Aennis Eunis
@Aennis Eunis

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