Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima


It’s easy to see how Met pitcher Matt Harvey lost his shit over Adriana Lima.
This true Supermodel, 36, has one of the most recognizable faces in the world. Indeed
a supermodel in the truest sense since the late 1990s (and the longest-running
Victoria’s Secret Angel to date), Lima has nestled comfortably into her role as one of
the world’s sexiest women.
But over the years, throughout marriage, children, and international fame, the Brazilian
stunner has learned much more than simply how to work a runway or lens (which, by
the way, she does better than almost anyone else in the business). Yep, apparently
this perfect person also has substance as well.
The following is a up close and personal chat with a woman who represents perfection.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?
I wake up around 7 a.m. and I put my sunblock on. I go have
my breakfast. I usually like to have an avocado smoothie;
it’s good for your skin and hair. In [the smoothie], I put an
avocado, whole milk, honey, and lots of ice. It’s something my
mom used to make when I was little. Every Brazilian kid, we
grew up having smoothies in the morning. My kids love it for
breakfast now, too. They call it the Green Monster.
However, what I eat for breakfast changes depending on my
mood. Today, I had an omelette with okra and asparagus.
I also had a cappuccino, because I’m Brazilian and cannot
leave without my coffee. I do coffee with honey, because it
stabilizes the sugar levels. I find if I have honey, I don’t crave
as much sugar later. After breakfast, I get my kids ready and
spritz a little fragrance on.
As a woman what does sexy mean for you?
Sexy means embracing who you are, feeling confident and
showing a positive message.
What’s the story with your ankle tattoo?
I got it when I was 19 years old in Tahiti while traveling for
a shoot. I asked my mom for permission and she said yes,
but one only. I cannot tell you the meaning because it is
something very personal, but it does have something to do
with protection.
What makes you happy?
My work makes me happy, living in Miami makes me happy,
and spending time with my children in the park makes me
What doesn’t make you happy? What do you
not do?

I don’t go out every night partying. It’s so important to have
beauty sleep.
You were a huge Breaking Bad fan. Are there
any shows that you’re into right now?
I’m really into Game of Thrones. I get really attached to it
to a point where I slowed down watching because, well,
you know how sometimes it’s like you finish a season and it
takes forever for the next
season to come up, and
you don’t want to take that
break. You want it like a
never-ending story? It’s like
You said you still
wanted to do the
fashion show until
you are 40, maybe
even more—why
is the runway so
important to you?
I am 35 years old and
representing a mature woman. I really appreciate how we
[women] can age so gracefully and not be afraid of [aging].
So I’m not only representing Brazilian women but women
from all over the world, who are not afraid to age and
embrace themselves.
What’s your favorite guilty junk food
indulgence? What was
it 10 years ago?
Chocolate molten cake—
and chocolate molten cake!
You obviously look
amazing. What do you
do to stay in shape?
I’m a boxer. I’ve been doing
it for over 10 years, and
it really is my workout of
choice. My gym is gritty and
hot and no-frills, and I just
go in and focus on working hard. My workouts were few and
far between before. I might have worked out a few times per
week, but now, I’m all about a good sweat.
How has your attitude toward your own body/
self-image evolved since you first started
I can’t say that when I was younger I was totally confident.
The industry is hard, and when you’re an unknown model,
you could either get great jobs or be rejected. Rejection
is never easy, but you have to have grit in order to keep
going and hold your head high. Becoming an adult and
having children has helped me become more confident in
who I am as a woman. I’ve become more self-aware and
understanding of my strengths on a deeper level, which
helps me become more confident on the outside. So my
best advice is to forget everything and everyone, and just
feel good.
Do you ever get nervous before a shoot?
I always get nervous.
Can’t imagine
someone like you
always getting
nervous. How do you
calm your nerves?
I breathe and try to listen to
music, and you know, once
you’re out there, you kind of
lose the nervousness.
Did you ever have any
I was never happy with my hair. I have very dry hair, oh my
god. It’s just high-maintenance. I really have to take care of
this thing.
What mantra do you live by?
Be happy, be happy. Smile, smile, smile. Love, love, love. I
have many, depending on
the moment. Calm down,
calm down, calm down.
What is your advice
for taking the perfect
selfie? Has your selfie
game changed since
you first started
taking them?
Lighting and angles: Make
them your friends.
Your Instagram page
is one of the most searched for things about
you. What’s the secret to social media success?
I don’t know if there is formula, but I think it’s important to
show a little bit of my life and my moments at work, with my
family or my workout. It’s about sharing a little bit of your life
and what’s important to you.
You must’ve had some amazing experiences around the
globe as a model. What one thing would you regret not
doing if you didn’t? I don’t regret anything…yet! I hope
don’t feel regret. The worst thing a person can do is regret
something they did or didn’t do.

I’m really into Game of Thrones. I get really
attached to it to a point where I slowed
down watching because, well, you know how
sometimes it’s like you finish a season and it
takes forever for the next season to come up,
and you don’t want to take that break.

1. She Has an Estimated Net Worth of $75 Million
The 35-year-old Lima was born in Salvador, Brazil and has been
modeling since she was 15, when she won a “Supermodel of Brazil”
competition. By 1998, she landed her first magazine cover and was
appearing in Vogue and Marie Claire. She finally got on the cover of
Vogue in 2000 for the magazine’s 20th anniversary issue.
In 1999, Lima walked the runway for Victoria’s Secret for the first time.
She’s the longest-tenured Victoria’s Secret Angel in the brand’s history,
since she continues to model for the brand 18 years later. In 2016, she
appeared in her 17th Victoria’s Secret fashion show.
In an interview with New York Magazine last year, Lima said she learned
early on that she has to take care of herself if she wanted to be a model
for more than just a few years.
“I knew I had to find something that I loved — that was the only way I
could be happy with working out and going to the gym,” Lima explained.
“I tried yoga, dancing, and aerobics. I knew I had to find something I
loved, and didn’t find it until I found boxing. That’s the secret. There are
so many different types of exercises, you just have to find your passion.”
2. Lima Is the Second-Highest Paid Model in the World,
Earning $10.5 Million in 2016
In 2016, Forbes reported that Lima earned $10.5 million. That makes her
the second-highest paid model in the world. Lima moved up to second
on the list in 2014, when she earned $8 million.
Fellow Brazilian Gisele Bundchen is the highest-paid, earning $30.5
million in 2016. (Bundchen has an estimated net worth of $360 million,
so Lima has a lot of ground to make up in that department.)
Forbes noted that Lima’s 2016 earnings made it the biggest year of
her career. In addition to Victoria’s Secret, Lima also has deals with
Maybelline, IWC Watches and other brands. She’s been signed to Elite
Model Management since she was 18 years old. She is also managed
by The Society Management.
3. Lima Is Selling Her New York Apartment for $4.85
If you have an extra $4.85 million, you can buy Lima’s old New York
apartment. The listing at Modlin Group is still active as of May 2017. the
price for it is $4.85 million.
The condo has five rooms, including two bedrooms, and 2.5 baths. It
covers 2,200 square feet at the Metropolitan Tower in Manhattan. No
pets are allowed. According to the Observer, Lima bought the apartment
in 2003.
“Adjacent to the entertaining area are the two bedroom suites, privately
located across the home,” the listing reads. “Boasting south-facing
light, the enormous master suite features numerous built-out closets,
including a walk-in, and a spa-like windowed master bath including
vanity, dual-head shower, and marble throughout. A final guest bedroom
also has an en-suite full bath.”
In 2012, Lima’s husband Jaric listed their Beverly Hills home for $1.9
million before she gave birth to their second child.
4. Lima Has Over 10 Million Instagram Followers & 2
Million Twitter Followers
Lima is also one of the more popular models to follow on Instagram.
She can’t quite match Gigi Hadid’s 34 million, but Lima’s 10.7 million
Instagram followers is nothing to sneeze at. Lima also has 2.8 million
followers on Twitter. She has 6.4 million likes on Facebook.
Lima does use her Instagram posts to show off her work for brands.
Manny of her recent posts highlight Maybelline makeup, which is no
surprise. In 2014, Lima returned to the brand after being its global
spokesperson from 2003 to 2009.
“I’m a very private person,” Lima told CNBC in March 2017. “But I try
to share a little bit of everything, you know especially through social
media: little moments with my children, things that I like, books that
I read.”

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