Jason Takes NYFW: Men’s SS18

Jason Takes NYFW: Men’s SS18


Our Men’s Fashion Columnist, Jason Tez of teztrends.com recently
attended New York Fashion Week: Men’s Spring/Summer 2018. Here are
some of his favorite runway shows, presentation highlights, and trends to
look out for next summer!

The lost city of Atlantis and
the psychedelic sixties era
inspired Nick Graham’s
bold collection. He sent his
models down the runway
dressed as impossibly
dapper castaways with
heavy white rope belts
holding up rolled, high water
trousers. In keeping with his
oceanic theme, shades of
blue were in the forefront.
The accessories stood out as
much as the clothing: round,
colored sunglasses and long
necklaces along with faux
lobsters, crabs and a parrots
clinged to suit jackets for
added embellishment.
Photo credit: Patrick Michael Hughes |
@ patrickmichaelhughes

Designer Matiere’s
‘Reflection’ displayed
a minimalistic theme
full of neutrals. Subtle
shades of pink and
metallic blue were used
in contrast to the black,
grey and white used
heavily throughout
the collection. The
collection has a
very casual, and laid
back vibe. Matiere
understands how to
combine the elements
of comfort with modern
style, and functionality,
while pushing their
message to be
Photo credit: Isa Sabraw |

“Each designer really brought something new and fresh
to the table. It shows just how far men’s fashion has come
over the past few years.” – Jason

Carlos Campos
The Carlos Campos Spring/Summer
2018 line was all about architecture.
The palette was also minimal,
focusing on bright reds and blues,
occasionally paired with last year’s
popular neutrals. Leading the show
was a red suit epitomizing the
wearable focus of the new line. The
designer then worked into more
casual colorblocked pieces, incorporating
outerwear and finishing with
a perfectly tailored monochromatic
blue suit.

Jason poses for a
photo between shows
at the Skyy Vodka
backstage lounge.
Photo credit:
Matthew Sperzel
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