Juliet Huddy

Juliet Huddy


I’ve met with a lot of interesting people during my long career… Academy award winning actors, super-star musicians,
shady politicians and athletes of all shapes and sizes. However, this interview is very personal to me. I not only find
TV news icon Juliet Huddy’s 20 years years of award winning news reporting fascinating, she’s also my best friend.
So how do you interview someone who means so much to you and yet still ask the questions that need to be
asked? Wine and lots of it. I recently sat down with Juliet over lunch at Smith’s in Midtown Manhattan and asked the
questions about what really goes on at Fox News, how she feels about some of the conservative news networks
biggest stars and the scandal associated with some of those former co-workers that are now gone. But it’s not all
scandal and talk of the past. Today Juliet is making noise as one of metal music’s loudest voices with her website

he following is an up close and very personal chat with the newly married (to rocker John Fattoruso) Juliet Huddy.

Chaunce Hayden: You’re a television news icon who’s been
on the air for 20 years. Is there life after FOX News?
Juliet Huddy: (Laughs) The fact that you’re even asking me
that makes me wonder if there actually is such a thing. But let’s
just say, I don’t consider myself an icon.
How do you define an icon?
Yes I made a name for myself for 10 of those 20 years and I did
well. But I think for the most part only people in the industry
and those who watch FOX know who I am. I truly don’t think
I’m an icon. Why do you think I’m an icon?
Because of the amount of
time you were on the air and
the level of popularity that
you generated from your
various television shows and
news reporting. Your turn.
But that doesn’t make you an
Is Diane Sawyer an icon?
Yes. Of course she is.
Is Barbara Walters an icon?
Of course. Yes. But I’m not
anywhere close to them. I spent
a lot of time on the air, but my
career was a roller coaster, lots
of ups and few downs. They
just went up and up. (Laughs)
It makes me interesting but not
an icon!
Do you miss it?
I miss it so much. It’s hard to wake up in the morning and not
go to work and do my thing on the air. I have an agent and I’m
actively looking for the next gig. With the recent publicity, I
think it maybe put some people off to the thought of hiring me
as their main anchor. I can understand it — bringing someone
in who was in the middle of a scandal isn’t exactly enticing.
So yeah it’s hard to get my arms around that right now. I miss
being a person that people turn to for perspective on things.
There’s so much going on in the world and I miss being apart
of the reporting it.
How would you describe your time at Fox News?
I loved Fox News and it was a family to me for many, many
years, but there was weirdly always a disconnect. I always had
a strange discomfort there. I felt like the odd person out. I was
different – less an ‘anchor’ and more a ‘personality’. I can’t tell
you how many people have told me I should go into acting
(laughs). I had a wacko personality, I cursed a lot, I made weird
faces…and I also had a lot turmoil in my personal life that I
think added to the mystique.
Recently former FOX’s bread and butter super-star Megyn
Kelly left to go to NBC. What
do you think Kelly’s surprising
Megyn, unlike me, was
extremely savvy when it
came to rising up the ranks
to make it in TV network
news. She seemed to flow
very smoothly into her role
as Golden Girl. However, I
was always uncomfortable
with the red carpet life, the
“I’m becoming famous” part
of it. Megyn was a natural in
that role. She carries herself
really well. For some reason it
was so important to me to let
the viewers know I don’t see
myself as someone famous or
overly important.
Did that hurt you?
It did hurt me. It killed me honestly. Being authentic doesn’t
mean you have to force the “I’m one of you” point down
people’s throats. I did too much of that. Megyn knew how to
play the game. She seemed very comfortable with her rising
star. When I was done with work, I just wanted to go home to
Hoboken, and hang out in jeans and flip flops. I wasn’t really
into red carpets and the swanky city spots. I felt like I was in
over my head and being phony when I went to those kinds of
Do you think you influenced Megyn.

Early on people said that Megyn was trying to act like me on
the air.
Do you think she was?
(Pause) Who knows. In reality, there’s a big difference between
the way we both behaved off air AND on air. I remember when
she was moved up to NYC, she made a beeline to my stylist,
which Fox had given me for The
Morning Show with Mike and Juliet.
She wanted the star treatment, and
this was at a time when anchors at
Fox didn’t have their own stylists. At
the time I kind of thought that was
off putting. But years later, it proves
nothing except she took her position
very seriously. Right now some
people are saying that Megyn doesn’t
come across as real. I haven’t seen
her show so I can’t comment. But I
will say viewers want authenticity.
And they’ll turn on you when they
think you’re being phony. Take Governor Christie. He came
out pushing this whole “yeah, I’m gonna be real” thing and
frankly, I think he’s a complete fraud. The guy turned out to be
a jerk-off. And his fans have turned to haters.
Lets talk about the television news royalty from which you
were spawned. Your father and mother ran a successful
news station and the late Roger Ailes was the godfather to
your brother John who is the foreign correspondent on Fox
My dad is the most brilliant man I ever met in my life. He was
also a very close friend to Roger Ailes. I grew up with Roger.
My dad was a brilliant producer and
Roger saw that. My mom also was a
professional singer and performed
on The Tonight Show with Johnny
Carson. My life growing up was a
surreal experience for sure.
Roger is credited with turning bland
TV news reporting into sexy TV
news reporting.
He did and guess what? The women
Roger brought into FOX were very
sexy and beautiful women, but they
were also brilliant women.
What did you think when Gretchen Carlson accused Roger
of sexual harassment and ended up settling out of court for
millions of dollars and also cost Roger his job as the head
of Fox News?
I’ve never been a huge fan of hers. I never thought she was
very polite and frankly, kind of bitchy. I remember standing in
an elevator once and she just ignored me. She knew I had
hosted Fox and Friends for years. It was just strange.
Do you think people think you were hired because of your
relationship to Roger Ailes and that things were given to
you rather than earned?
The answer to that question is complicated. When I was first
hired at FOX and I was in the Miami bureau and I was told that
there was a sense that I was hired because I was “Roger’s
girl.” I got a lot of shit for it. But the truth is I was very good at
what I did. I didn’t get Fox and Friends
because I was Roger’s girl. I didn’t get
Mike and Juliet because I was Roger’s
girl. I was just good at what I do. In fact,
I’m fucking great at what I do.
What kind of man was Roger Ailes?
To me he was always just Roger. He
had a wacky personality when he was
with my dad. They were really good
I saw all the ups and downs of Roger.
When it was towards the end of the Mike and Juliet Show,
Roger had called us into his office. I never saw him like that.
He was angry with me over the things he had been told about
me. Erroneous things and intentional lies about me. I was so
shocked that he would believe them even prior to discussing
them with me. This man who was a close family friend all
of a sudden looked at me like I was this disloyal and non
respectable person. My relationship with him fell apart. It was
never the same after that. That made me sad, because it was
completely unfounded, as every one knows.
Do you think he crossed the line when it came to female
employees at FOX?
It’s not for me to comment on that
question. However, I did have
observations about people other than
me. When I was at FOX, Roger would
say things to me and I remember
thinking, “Oh God, I hope he doesn’t
say this to regular people.” He would
say things that were outrageous and I
just would laugh it off. I never thought
in a million years that he would talk
that way to other people. I felt like I
understood Roger. He was from a
different time and he had a different
mentality. I just knew him so well. He was more of a father to
me than my own father at times. It’s hard for me to see things
in that ugly way.
Speaking of seeing things in an ugly way, let’s talk about
Bill O’Reilly. Without getting into the seedy specifics of
your claim of sexual harassment and what’s already been
reported, what can you tell me about him and how he
effected your career at FOX?
When you’re an adult and your being paid a lot of money and
you have to take responsibility for what you do. I put my head in the sand at what was going on at FOX.
More specifically?
I cannot get into details about Bill, but I will tell you that there
have been times during my career where people in general
have done something to me that was outrageous. But, I did
not make an issue of it, because I didn’t want to rock the boat
and upset Roger. I let my life spin out of control rather than
speak up and do something about it as it was happening. For
as “tough” as a woman I believe myself to be, I kinda dislike
confrontation. I just wanted things to work out even though
some disturbing things were going on all around me. I
wish I would have had more
confidence in myself and more
strength to document more
or speak up concurrent with
the issues that arose. I wish I
stood up and went to human
resources. But alas, I waiting
until it went far, rather than stop
these generalized things of
issue as they arose.
Why didn’t you?
I didn’t want to come across
as some whiny bitch. Had I
done that I would have had
things documented from the
beginning of my career all
the way to today. I could have
shown a pattern of what was
going on in general, which
would probably be used today
as an education tool of what
pitfalls to look out for, avoid
and/or correct.
Do you feel vindicated that Bill
O’Reilly is fired?
Listen. This is hard all
around. Right now, Bill is still
in news and I am not. Vindicated? I don’t think that this is a
word I would use, or something I was ever seeking. The truth
is the truth. Eventually, my truth, your truth, everyone’s truth
comes out and people see you in a different spotlight and
make decisions based on the truth.
Do you blame O’Reilly for that?
I don’t blame Bill and I don’t blame Roger. I don’t blame
anybody but myself.
For the record, what do you think of Bill O’Reilly after
everything that happened.
Whether you like Bill O’Reilly or not, he’s still very good at what
he does. He’s good television.
You bump into Bill in a restaurant… What do you say?
(Laughs) I don’t even know! I have a hard time with
confrontation! I probably would not say anything and just
enjoy my mean with my great friends and family.
Our President Donald Trump called you and the rest of the
women who claimed to be sexually harassed by Bill O’Reilly
liars. How do you respond?
I’m not going to comment on
what was reported involving
Bill O’Reilly, but I was upset by
what Donald said in the press
about it. I thought we had a
good relationship. He was very
supportive of my career. The
President of the United States
basically called me a liar though
when he had no idea about
what really went out, and that’s
Let’s change the topic and talk
about metal music.
I love hard rock and metal! I
have a website called www.
It’s all about hard rock and
metal and I sit down with some
amazing bands and do behind
the scenes interviews. I really
love it! There are so many new
bands out there doing some
great stuff. I love bands that are
original. If anyone is reading this
in the music industry and need
someone to scout new bands
I’m your girl! I’m great at it!
What’s your favorite band?
That’s easy… Enter Shikari. I also am a huge fan of Ghost. I
come from a music background. I’ve been around music my
whole life. It’s my passion and hopefully my future.
You just got married. Happy ending to this story?
I crashed and burned 3 times when it comes to marriage and
I’m embarrassed by that. But I can tell you my wedding last
week was the best day of my life. I love my husband John
more than words can describe. Today my life has changed and
my friends and family mean the world to me. I can tell you I will
love my husband for the rest of my days…. and if it’s not true I’ll
pay everyone reading this a thousand dollars!

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