Elevated Vacation Style

Elevated Vacation Style


It’s vacation season! With a variety of different styles readily
available, you can look and keep cool while traveling or lounging.
Use the pieces below for inspiration on your upcoming extended
getaway or weekend trip.

Palm-tree prints give
off a refreshing look
while you’re sitting
near a beach, sipping
a margarita. Shirts,
shorts, and even your
casual slip-on shoes
can don palm-tree
prints. Guys, don’t be
afraid of floral print
Gingham Vintage
Camp Collar Shirt

How Short
Should You
Obviously shorts are
a summer staple, but
some may have trouble
deciding which ones to
wear. Definitely put away
those over-the-knee
shorts and pack those
mid-thigh or above-theknee
ones. Also, lighter
color shorts keep you
cooler. Pair your shorts
with t-shirts, polos, or
your favorite button up
with the sleeves cuffed
Hudson Jaxon Camouflage
Cargo Shorts

Ditch the Sandals!
Sandals on vacation? With all the walking or
hiking you may be doing, try for stylish and
versatile footwear. Espadrilles, low top sneakers,
and other casual slip on’s will keep you looking
stylish and effortlessly on-trend.
Havana Perf Slip-On DLX

Sunglasses are a must for this season,
so they should be worn to say something
about you. If you’re feeling fun and
sociable, try a more colorful lens with bold
frames to prove it! If you’re trying to play it
safe with your typical aviators, try a round
vintage frame instead to give off a classic,
yet cool look.
Living Large by Quay Australia
www.quayaustralia.com | $60


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