· Fruitage is a new fruit beer from 200-year old Belgian brewery Rodenbach (pronounced
“ROH-den-bock”), one of the most critically acclaimed and awarded breweries in the world

· Fruitage is a lighter choice from the Rodenbach family that is easy drinking and serves as a great accompaniment to grilled foods – just in time for summer

· Fruitage is a blend of young beer with 2-year old aged beer, then mixed with cherries and elderberries…refreshing and delicious

· It is available in a 4 pack for SRP $6.99 at select liquor stores nationwide

It’s A Given!
That all men pee in the shower!


Harley Is No Joker!
Harley Quinn is a bad ass sexy bitch character from DC Comic created in 1992. Recently she had her first live-action cinematic debut in the 2016 film, “Suicide Squad” portrayed by Margot Robbie who is by far the hottest evil villain of all time! Born July 1990, this 26 year old sexy lady is an Australian actress and producer. Robbie has starred in many films such as “The Wolf On Wall Street” and “The Legend Of Tarzan” (who can’t fall in love with Jane)! If you have not seen Robbie in action your totally missing out on some serious acting. She is by far one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen on film, you definitely get that warm fuzzy feeling!!
(Please Robbie Responsibly)


I’ve Fallen And Nobody Gives A Shit!
If you find yourself living alone despite your age and the fact that your mixing alcohol with sleeping pills you might want to invest in some kind of insurance. “Life Alert” might be an option for you and your loved ones. Life Alert is a medical alert system specifically designed to protect all family members in a home health emergency. Services can help people remain independent by possibly helping in a fast medical call in case of a fall, home invasion emergencies (hopefully by Harley Quinn) or problems peeing in the shower! Your health and longevity is as simple as a push of button allowing independent people to live alone without ever being alone. And no it’s not an emergency if Facebook is out of service!
(Please Live Responsibly)


Now I know Autonomous may sound like a new type of dinosaur but it’s not. It’s the wave of the future, that’s rite ladies and gents driverless automobiles! Autonomous cars use a variety of techniques to detect their surroundings, such as radar, laser lights, GPS, and computer vision. Advanced control systems interpret sensory information to identify appropriate navigation paths, as well as obstacles and relevant signage. These cars have control systems that are capable of analyzing sensory data to distinguish between different cars on the road, which is very useful in planning a path to the desired destination. Parts of this technology started in the 1920s and 1930s but actually didn’t really kick into gear (no pun intended) until the 1980s. Remember the days when hitch hiking was safe, all you needed was a thumb to stick out and maybe a pair of sexy legs. Forget it now since nobody will physically be driving everyone will be napping …people will be driving rite past you pal!!!
(Drive Fast, Take Chances)


Watch Out
What time is it? Time to buy this back to the future, science project looking watch made by Tesla (no not the 80s band).
Weathered-brass look on all the metal parts, this analog watch features a leather strap. The highlights of this design, however, are the two faux vacuum tubes with red LEDs inside that you can turn on and off with the flick of a switch. Now I know it seems a little bulky and large and you might even clock someone in the head just walking bye but think about it…Red LEDs guys for around 70.00 bucks! Everybody will want to ask you what time it is so they can see your watch.

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