Keeping it real in the bedroom

Keeping it real in the bedroom


Quote: “You know your body better than anyone else, so don’t be afraid to show your partner how it’s done”.

Telling your partner what you want in the bedroom is not an easy task. Even if you have the best line of communication, it can sometimes be hard to do. Your partner isn’t a mind reader, so you have to speak up and be clear about what you want. Be honest, but not accusatory. You don’t want to hurt your partner’s feelings, but remember in the long run being honest and upfront with what you want or need in the bedroom will only help your relationship. You might start by saying something like, “I love having sex with you”, “I want it to be the best it can be”, “Let’s try a new position”, “Can you touch me there,” or “Can we take our time”.  If you’d like more foreplay, you might say, “Honey, I was so turned on last night”, or “I love it when you take your time with me before we make love. Instead of pointing out your partner’s short comings, try flattery instead. Phrase it in a way that will make them try harder to please you. Trust me, it’s all in the delivery and how you say it.

Always take your time. I suggest this to both people in a relationship. Whether is talking or touching, enjoy the moment.  Making love shouldn’t be a mad dash to the finish. It should be an adventure every time and you should have fun doing it.  Always find new ways to excite each other and keeps things fresh in the bedroom.

Sometimes you don’t have to say anything at all. Sometimes body language is everything. Your partner should be able to tell what you are liking or not liking just by the moaning or noises you are making, or not making.  If you don’t think they are catching on, just show them what you do like. Move your hands where you want them to go, or even move their hands to your magic spot. You know your body better than anyone else, so don’t be afraid to show your partner how it’s done.

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