I know, I know, I can’t or shouldn’t talk any more politics.
I’ll say one quick thing and then it’s on to STEAK. And our Asshole of the Month is Kellyanne Conjob, so there’s that. We are seriously fucked, we have the worst president ever. The worst, ever.
Ok done, now let’s talk STEAK. When times are tough or scary, humans like things that give them comfort. Food is probably our first Go-To. That’s why we are enormous at this point. Eating is great and exercising sucks monkey nuts. We all have our favorites, some people chow down on pizza or salty snacks and some on sweets and ice cream, I like to go to a steak place. I love a great steak and all the surrounding add-ons! What’s better than a lobster or crab cocktail, maybe a creamy shrimp bisque, followed by a bleu cheese wedge or Caesar salad? We didn’t even get to the steaks yet, never mind the sides.
So what steak is best? So many people have different opinions, and they are all correct. My favorite is a T-Bone, a beautiful piece of meat with a sirloin on one side of the bone and a filet mignon on the other, Heaven. My friend Steve likes to go New York Strip and it’s hard to argue and my friend Mike likes a filet mignon. delicious, of course. BUT I GET BOTH with a T-Bone, otherwise known as a Porterhouse.


And since they can be huge, they are great to share. Did I say Valentine’s Day! Compliment a fantastic steak with a bowl of creamed spinach, sautéed mushrooms, and a plate of home fries and all is right with the world. How about adding on a terrific red wine and some Creme Brûlée for dessert? You see why I love it?
Ok, so who makes the best steaks? This debate could go on forever. I will give you my favorite places in NJ, NY and Florida. And then throw a few more in for you to find.
The absolutely best Porterhouse in the U.S. is at Peter Luger in Brooklyn. It’s a little difficult to get in and you need to bring cash but if you get a chance to go, you need to go. Every single thing at Peter Luger is excellent. The tomatoes and onions, the giant shrimp cocktail, all the sides are exceptional, the germanic tap beers are cold and fresh and desserts are really good, get extra schlag, their homemade whipped cream. And all the crazy german waiters make for an interesting and fun meal. The atmosphere is casual neat, everything is low key except for the staff zooming around trying to take care of the always packed house. By the way, it’s also pretty fair priced for a top steak place. You can get away with less than $150 a head.

Peter Luger.jpg

My favorite steakhouse is in Tampa, the steak is almost as good as Lugers but everything else is beyond belief. Bern’s in Tampa. This is always rated one of the top restaurants in America and deservedly so. The food across the board is perfect every time, the service is amazing. The have the most educated and well trained waiters i have ever seen, yet they are not snooty in the least. The dessert room upstairs is the best I have even been in. If you are in Tampa, go to bern’s. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth it. I have recommended this place or taken so many people as first timers. Every single person is blown away. One stupid rule for Florida. No Shorts Allowed. Idiotic. I wore sweat pants once, but no shorts.


So were do I go locally? There are two places I like, The Capital Grille In Paramus. You can always get an excellent meal there at a reasonable price. The steaks are quite good.

And I like the Allendale Steak House. It is a Peter Luger style steak joint that is pretty damn good, I also like that it is a bring your own and the liquor store is right next door. I always choose an excellent bottle of wine for under $30 and you can save a pretty penny. This is a small family run restaurant, the folks are nice and it’s worth a visit.


I’m also dying to try Wolfgang’s In Somerville,
I’ve heard very good things.
Ok, I hope you try one of these and enjoy your meals!

Kellyanne Conway is the Asshole of the Month.
If you need me to tell you why, pull your head out of your ass.

Thank you for reading.
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