So many Electronics,So Little Time to Ride

So many Electronics,So Little Time to Ride


Whilst enjoying the slopes these days you don’t have to look very far to see fellow skiers and boarders preoccupied with their electronic devices. Everything from GoPro cameras mounted on helmets to smartphones on selfie sticks to heads up displays in goggles and of course iPods playing through all manner of headphones… the list gets longer each and every season.

Since this is the 5th anniversary edition of Metropolis Nights, I thought I would give you my top 5 electronic-related devices that you might likely find while out exploring in the white. To go along with that theme I once again have fellow snowsports journalist Mike Roth to thank for creating yet another excellent cartoon.

1- The Giro Range Helmet. While it’s true that GoPro cameras come with helmet-mount accessories, it’s way cooler to have a helmet like this one that has a GoPro mount already installed. The camera attaches right to the front of the helmet, instead of the top, which allows you to avoid the Teletubby look which quite frankly, is ultra-lame. One downside- if you have the camera on the front of your helmet, you can’t rest your goggles there. Price: $250.
2- Seirus Inferno heated gloves
Seirus Inferno heated gloves, unlike a few other electronic gloves I’ve tried are actually quite comfortable. They offer three temperature settings to adjust to changing environs and as you would expect, battery life varies depending on which setting you go with. The settings are thankfully easy to toggle through which is quite nice. One downside- they only operate on the highest setting for two hours of battery life. Price: $375.

3- POC Fornix Communication Helmet (with Beats audio)
POC has now integrated Dr. Dre’s Beats headphones into their high quality Fornix helmet. This is a wired headphone setup, but the included cord is easily run under your jacket to your smartphone, iPod, or whatever music player you prefer. The Fornix Communication comes in black or white. One downside (or is it?!) is that it is wired because a Bluetooth connection would certainly be less cluttered. The reality though is the wired setup does sounds clearer and warmer when I compared it to my Bluetooth rig. It’s also a very well ventilated lid and quite comfortable. Price: $250.

4- MyCharge All Terrain+
If you choose to join the onslope digital revolution you could end up like our friend in the cartoon– chained to a charging station. That is unless you get yourself a MyCharge military-grade All Terrain external battery charger. They come in a few different capacities and start at around $30. Featuring a water-proof design, the All Terrain line is obviously ideal for skiers. The model pictured has a 6,000mAh capacity (Basically it can charge an iPhone about three times) and has a 2.4 amp output for charging tablets. The only downside I could find is that there are no retractable cables for your devices. You will have to bring your own cables. Price: $39.99.

5- Hitcase Pro
If you want to bump up the video performance on your iPhone, get yourself a Hitcase Pro. Featuring waterproof cases that have built-in wide angle lenses, the Hitcase Pro will turn your iPhone into a true action camera. The Hitcase Pro for the iPhone 6/6S also has a railslide mount system that’s GoPro-friendly. However, their optional chest mount– (the $50 ChestR,) is your best bet. The reason is their swivel mechanism on the mount which lets you tilt the phone down in front of you to use the touch screen. It will also detach from the mount easily, so you can talk into your phone in normal fashion. Price: $149.99.

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