Drinking = Good for You

Drinking = Good for You


Yes, drinking is good for you.

I mean, it can be if you do it correctly.

Here I put together a list of drinks and their benefits so the next time your out it’s easier for you to make a conscious decision that you feel positive about.

From aiding in banishing seasonal blues to keeping you slim even in these winter months – making some minor adjustments to your go-to’s can have a dramatic effect on your health. And it’s exciting to learn that drinking is not so bad for you, afterall 😉

Red Wine Sangria with fresh fruit – 125 Calories

Muddle up some grapes, oranges, and strawberries instead of adding in loads of triple sec and sugary juices. You not only get a solid dose of vitamin C and B, but you save yourself the extra 200 calories.

Bloody Maria with Tomato Juice -130 Calories

Tequila with tomato juice might sound gross, but don’t know it ‘til you try it. And a shot of tequila has 64 calories versus vodka which has about 97.

Add in some horseradish, celery, and olives to spice it up?

Horseradish has been said to aid weight loss because of it’s heating properties and is linked to preventing cancer. You also almost burn the amount of calories in a stick of celery just by chewing the darn thing.

Opt for the low sodium version if you can – salt retains water and that can make you look and feel puffy and bloated.

Margarita – 160 calories

(Regular Margarita : 500 calories)

Make it skinny by adding only fresh lime juice, splash of fresh squeezed OJ, and agave nectar to your tequila. With a regular margarita involving about 500 calories and obnoxious amounts of sugar, this option is not only great for keeping you fit all winter – it’ll also make you feel like summer is right around the corner.

Vodka Club Soda – 83 Calories

Really can’t go wrong with this one. Squeeze in some fresh lime, lemon, or cucumber to jazz it up a little. Limes and lemons are great antioxidants in addition to great sources of vitamin C. Cucumbers promote nail growth in addition to being packed with potassium, magnesium, and B vitamins – all said to ease symptoms of seasonal depression.

Bourbon on the rocks – 97 Calories

Not only is this gem under 100 calories – but it also has the ability to aid in weight loss, boosts good cholesterol, and fights against cancer. Bourbon also strengthens our immune system. No getting sick for you this winter!

Hot Toddy – 165 Calories

Whiskey with hot water squeezed with lemon juice and a cinnamon stick. Delightful. And if you do happen to be sick, this is the drink you want to go for. Hot Toddy’s have healing properties and can help fight off infection. In addition, whiskey is also a great decongestant. If you’re trying to heal yourself though – just stick to one. More than that and the negative will outweigh your benefits.

Vodka Martini – 127 Calories

You won’t need many of these bad boys to feel good. And clocking in at only 127 calories, your waistline will thank you. Add a splash of olive juice to get in your vitamins D,E, and K. Vitamin D for strong bones, vitamin E for antioxidants and skin and hair, and vitamin K to reduce blood clots.

Hendricks Martini – 130 Calories

Muddle some cukes in for a refreshing addition. Cucumbers are loaded with B vitamins which ease feelings of anxiety and help aid stress. This one will make you feel reaaaaal relaxed.

Gin and Tonic – 97 Calories

Basic but not. Juniper berries which gin is derived from help with wrinkles and improving skin conditions. Gin is also said to improve digestion, help ease the joints, and flushes out your system. Cheers to a drink that is actually good for your liver!

Guinness Beer – 125 Calories

Of course you could go with Bud Light or any other of his light siblings – but Guinness has other health benefits. It’s the only beer containing immune-boosting antioxidants. A University of Wisconsin study was conducted and they found that drinking Guinness also reduces blood clots and the risks for heart attacks.

So there you have it! This guide will help make your New Year’s resolutions easier. Drink up, and feel good about it! Cheers!

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