CrossFit Seacaucus –Eddie Maresca

CrossFit Seacaucus –Eddie Maresca


CrossFit is not necessarily a new way of working out but it is considered a lifestyle by the community at CrossFit Secaucus.

You will not be intimidated when you walk into their 3000sqf facility in Seacaucus, NJ. Head Trainer Eddie, fundamentals/Kids Trainer Rob and Manuel (also all co-founders since 2012) will help set each Athlete up for a life changing fitness success.
The CrossFit Seacaucus introduction/fundamental course teaches the 9 basic movements of CrossFit. Each of the four sessions concludes with a classic CrossFit WOD (workout of the day), integrating everything you have learned and practiced in a traditional high intensity, always changing workout including gymnastics, metabolic conditioning (cardio) and strength.

I recently sat down with one of the owners Eddie Maresca

Q. What makes Crossfit differ from a regular gym?
A. We have No isolation movements in any of our workouts – CrossFit has more of a playground mentality, We want you moving well when we Run, jump on top of boxes and focus specifically on weightlifting with all aspects of the technical movements all at higher intensity. Therefore, maximizing your results each WOD.

Q. What is it about Crossfit that inspires you?
A. Sometimes we need to take a step back from the corporate life/work and focus on what is most important to us (our lives and health). I personally love the competitive environment that pushes us to excel each time.
Crossfit became fun like back in high school sports. It is important though to understand that anyone can do this! This is a place where you can work out beside an individual who has been athletic their whole life, as well as, be trained with your moms, teachers, etc. Crossfittters come in all ages, fitness levels and ability. But Most importantly, we’ve built an amazing community where everyone is friendly. We have a really tight group and friendships are developing each and every day.

Q. I see you also offer a children’s program(CrossFit Kids), how intense do those work out get?
A. The CrossFit kids program is Managed By Trainer Rob. It’s not too different from the adult classes, they run, move and learn for 45 min and every class ends with a BIG FUN game that allows them to continue to workout without the kids even realizing they are exercising. All our kids are from 8-12 years old and I have also found that CrossFit helps with their social skills, We are getting kids off the iPads for a moment and offering them motivation to move and be active and with that, it brings better social skills and overall health. We are also preparing them to become future crossfitters for the teens and eventually adult classes.

Q. Is there a special diet that goes along with a proper CrossFit workout?
A. Normally Paleo diet preferred, however not every diet works the same way for everyone that is why we customize nutritional diets individually. We also offer clients a special list of clean foods and set daily calories to build from.

Q. To be successful at CrossFit how many times a week should a person commit to?
A. The most important concept to grasp is that nothing happens overnight, give yourself a minimum of 90 days to begin your assessment of progress. Once you commit to CrossFit Secaucus 3x a week, it should be your standard for weekly workouts.

Q. Do you have a message for anyone seeking to get healthy in the New Year?

A. Make the 1st move and get off the couch, visit the CrossFit Secaucus box today for a Free workout. Find a friend to join you or just do it for yourself. The 1st step starts with you, and once you get moving you will only be helping yourself become a better version of you.


By Jenny Filicky

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