Get Your Golf Game on during Winter at The Players Club Indoor Golf in Paramus

Get Your Golf Game on during Winter at The Players Club Indoor Golf in Paramus


Ever wish you could just throw your golf clubs in your trunk during the dead of winter with a foot of snow on the ground and still get in a full round of golf? At The Players Club Indoor Golf on 348 Evelyn Street in Paramus (just off Rt. 17), you can.

Many of us enjoyed the evolution of video games through the 1990’s, including the introduction of the EA Sports PGA Tour series. Finally, we could catch a glimpse of what it would be like to stand on the tee pad and stare down the daunting 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass, or the rocky coastline at Pebble Beach Golf Links. But as realistic as the visuals became with each new gaming console, it still amounted to moving joysticks and pressing buttons with your thumbs. Nintendo’s Wii helped by getting us off the couch to play a round of golf, but it just meant swinging a joystick at an invisible ball in your living room.
That may be enough for those who just want a modest challenge and entertainment, but what about a realistic golf simulation for real golfers? That is where The Players Club comes in. The players club offers a three-dimensional realistic golf simulation. Whether you are playing a 9-hole quick round with a couple friends, getting some swings in at their driving range, or analyzing you swing with one of their training instructors, The Players Club has it all.
There are six simulators at the facility, which utilizes state of the art technology to accurately simulate your game with not just your swing, but the physics of the ball. Cameras and specially marked Callaway Blue golf balls are used to track and calculate various factors in real time, including ball speed, back spin, trajectory, club speed, and vertical launch to simulate the ball’s path. Your round is enjoyed on high definition projection screens which shows the course and the ball’s path in real time following each swing.
PGA Touring professional Luke Donald confirmed the realism of the facility’s simulations. “A few shots on the aboutGolf simulator and I was convinced. My game was the same inside, as it is out,” Donald said.
The facility is often utilized by local athletes, including high school teams and local college players. It has seen its share of celebrities and sports athletes as well, who pop in from time to time to sneak in a round.
Do to their popularity, they often get busy, especially on weeknights and weekends. Reservations are recommended, and can be done online at or by calling 201-483-9690. You may book your tee times up to 7 days in advance. Players are charged for the amount of time that was booked, not the length of the round. Golfers pay per simulator, not per person.
Rates are $50 per hour per simulator on weekends and holidays, $45 an hour on weekdays. Pre-paid discount cards are also available for purchase.
The round or shot of your life may also be saved for you during or following the round for further analysis and bragging later. In fact, plaques line the wall at the facility acknowledging players’ “Hole in One” shots achieved.
Golfers are encouraged to bring their own clubs, though house clubs are available for rent, It is recommended that you call in advance to confirm availability if you need to rent clubs.
With nearly 50 courses to choose from (including the aforementioned TPC Sawgrass and Pebble Beach Golf Links), there is plenty of variety and challenges to keep your rounds interesting, and keep your game in top shape during the off-season. While the most golf most players get over the winter is watching tournaments on television, The Players Club lets you keep playing year-round. Additional courses include Scottsdale, and Louisiana from the Players Championship; The Carolinas Collection including Harbour Town, Pine Needles Golf Club, The Ocean Course at Kiawah, Island Golf Resort; the Pebble Beach Collection including Spyglass Hill and The Links at Spanish Bay; an extensive St. Andrews Collection; specialty courses such as the Texas Golf Tour, the Myrtle Beach Tour, the Par 3 Showcase, and the Far East Tour; and a series of custom courses including Atlantis, Hollow Grounds, Pine Rivers Champ, Red Rock Valley, Scottish Brae, Shady Dunes, and Sun Ridge.
Courses are also being added, most recently Hazeltine, home of the Ryder Cup.
The facility is open 7 days a week (Monday through Friday from 9:00am-10:00pm, Saturday from 8:00am-10:00pm, and Sunday from 8:00am-7:00pm).
The facility offers lessons from PGA instructors from the Garden State Golf Academy.
The Players Club also hosts leagues, which generally run 10 to 12 weeks on weeknights from 7:00pm-9:15pm. Leagues cost $410, and include warm up, play, registration and weekly prize purse contributions.
Although snacks and light refreshments are available, The Players Club is a BYO facility, so there’s no need to get to the turn for refills or wait for the beer cart to roll up. Refrigerated beverage stations are available at each simulator.
The Players Club is also open for private events, including birthdays, corporate events and even bachelor parties. “Like they say in Vegas, what happens here, stays here,” Nicole, manager of The Players Club assured me, adding that additional entertainment may be brought in for parties as well. You may also bring in your own catering, or let the Players Club cater the event for you.
John Dix of Clifton, New Jersey, is a regular, and has been playing since the facility opened five years ago in December, 2011. When asked what he liked about the facility, he cited multiple benefits. “The ownership is great. Realistic technology. It keeps you in shape.” John plays two to three days a week, two rounds each time out.
“All good,” he adds, speaking over his golf partner’s smack-talking as he misses a 20-footer. “Great place, I recommend it to everybody.”

By Frederick Doot

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