Welcome to 2017!

Welcome to 2017!


Welcome to 2017! It took a year to get here and what a year it was. 2016 was by far the worst year I can remember and I’ve been around for 55 years. So many things sucked, I mean truly sucked. And I really can’t think of a major thing that got better. I’m really hoping for a better 2017 but for the first time in my life, I am not optimistic. Things are going to get worse. Here’s why.

There are now 7.4 billion people on Earth. It’s too many, by far.

There are various estimates on how many people that the Earth can support. A intelligent consensus is 3 Billion and the population is growing. We are destroying our home and we are doing it too quickly.

People are worried about global warming but there are much more immediate dangers. Do you know that since the 1970’s we have fished out HALF of all the fish. That’s only 40 or so years. We have only half the fish left. How long will it take to fish out the rest? As the population grows, 30 years? Probably less because we kill at a faster rate as less fish are around to breed. What happens when there are no more fish? I’m not really sure. Mass starvation seems likely. Just a fun fact, sharks kill roughly 10 people a year, it’s rising because they are getting angry at us for killing 100 Million of them, EVERY YEAR. Many just for their fins.

As we all know now, America has become a police state paid for by the oil companies and the corporations. It’s been talked about for years, but we got to watch it on TV this time. The Dakota Access Pipeline brought right home to our living rooms that citizens in this country have very few actual rights. The military/corporations/police can abuse, shoot, beat, pepper spray, water cannon, arrest and jail whomever they want, for any reason. With no fear of punishment. Remember, if you don’t take a stand when it’s not you, who’s going to help you, when it is you.

So many of our best and brightest died this year, an insane amount. Artists, athletes, astronauts, everyone. We lost Ali, John Glenn, Gene Wilder, the list is endless. For me personally, the worst was David Bowie. I grew up listening to his amazing and brilliant music. And watching Bowie over the decades continuing to grow and excel was an indescribable pleasure. But, as we all know, we all must shuffle off this mortal coil. It just seemed excessive in 2016.

And now we have Donald Trump, the list of the shit he is doing is too long for one section on a page. If you are intelligent, you are scared shitless. I’m only going to address one thing. The Dripping Hemorrhoid wants to start a nuclear arms race. I grew up during the cold war nuclear arms race and every single day there was the potential for it to be lights out for all of us. And it was scary, our moron government told us to “Duck and Cover” in case of a nuclear attack. That is not a joke, hide under your desk and cover yourself with newspapers. You can use your tablet now. As the decades passed, every administration helped soften the rhetoric and lessen the amount of nukes, so it seemed the overwhelming threat was less and we kind of forgot about it. Now the orange shit head wants to put it right back up to Defcon 5. If you think terrorism is scary, just wait.

I guess this generation will learn to live for today, as tomorrow is not guaranteed for any of us.

This is why things are not going to get better, humans are a cancer on this planet and we are the ones that are going to exterminate ourselves. Serious changes need to be made in every area, population, diplomacy, fuel technologies, healthcare, the list is endless. And the next administration is not taking us in the right direction, already. The new normal is going to be worse than the old normal. Get used to it.

The Asshole of the Month is someone we all know. He or she, (mostly he) would never behave the way they do online, in real life. Because they would get the shit kicked out of them daily. The supposed safety and in most cases anonymity of the internet has brought out the very worst in us. Troll Equals Asshole. I pity these losers who’s only joy in life is to be stupid, annoying douche bags. I wish I could meet each one face to face and watch them wimp out like the useless twats they are.

Thank you for reading. All this being said, I hope you all have a decent year. Try to be nice. We are, what we do, when it counts.

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