So, It’s the Holiday Season

So, It’s the Holiday Season


So, it’s the Holiday Season and I think it’s time to write about stuff the human race should be thankful for. TECHFUCKINGNOLOGY BABY! We all love our smartphones, tablets, earbuds, Netfix, etc. And even though all these things are changing the world in both small and large ways, there are amazing things happening that are truly world changing and they couldn’t happen too soon. As everyone with an IQ higher than a gerbil knows, we are beating the living daylights out of our planet. If things don’t take a serious turn for the better, you better learn how to tread water. Or eat dirty sand. Plus, the human condition needs a few tweaks. Science is coming up with answers, certainly not all of them but here are some of the game changers that are happening now. Where this will lead in the future is anyone’s guess. I’m going to go out on a limb and say we are going in the right direction.

SOLAR OR WIND POWER: We all know about it but are you aware how far things have come. There are many countries around the world that are “Going Green”. It’s becoming more efficient and certainly more cost effective. As countries find out it can actually save money as well as the planet, the petroleum power paradigm will shift. Many European countries are making big, big moves. Germany, Scotland, Finland, etc. Scotland recently produced more electricity than they used from wind power. This is YUUUUUUGE.

A recent and perfect example is a Samoan Island named Ta’u. This year they converted from diesel generators that supplied all their electric to a solar array. They will now get 100% of their electricity needs from the sun. 100%. The rest of Samoa want to be the same in the foreseeable future. This Solar Array powers the entire island.

TIRES TO FUEL: Used tires are a huge environmental disaster and when they burn, even worse. We create in the U.S. alone about 20 million waste tires every year. 20 Million! In the U.S. alone. Globally, who the hell knows? So what do we do with them? Right now, we stockpile most. And many burn, it’s a nightmare. Never mind the chemicals leaching into the soil as they decompose. So, what’s the answer. Tires to fuel, yes they have been perfecting methods to turn used tires into diesel fuel. The fuel is abundant, clean burning, less polluting and the tires are everywhere. There is also both steel and carbon recycled from this process. Super-heating the tires basically melts them back into usable diesel fuel. Is this a perfect solution? Maybe, I’m not sure yet of the costs but it’s going to happen. A major Win-Win for all of us.

STEM CELLS: An enormous stride forward has been made in Stem Cell Nerve Regeneration, the guy pictured below was paralyzed from the neck down. After using a breakthrough stem cell therapy, he was able to use his upper body and arms. This is him lifting weights. LIFTING WEIGHTS! The idea that we will eventually be curing what used to be a heartbreaking situation is truly wonderful. How long until we cure complete paralysis? No one can be sure, but the hope these successes can bring to a paralyzed person and their families must be unimaginable.

I was a huge Tiger Woods fan, for many years. I never saw anyone play like him. He was awe inspiring.
And when it came to manipulating the media, a master. But we all remember when the entire fiction blew apart.
Serial cheater, obnoxious douche, liar and worst of all, a lousy tipper. Rich cheap guy = asshole. Then the 3,000 comebacks and having to live though his boring ass press conferences, torturous. And now he’s back. And I have to hear all the sports commentators lick his ass again. After Elin Woods hit him in the face with a 9 iron, I predicted his career was essentially over. And he proved to be a choke artist, time and time again. Is it sad, yes. I normally don’t like to see a hero or legend fall. But he’s such a shit head that I have zero sympathy. As ye sow, so shall ye reap. Pay attention to the next few months, he will play well now and then, sometimes even brilliantly. But when he gets to a Major, the only thing he cares about now, watch the asshole choke.

Please put Tiger Woods picture here, thank you.

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